The 2018 Norco Bigfoot 1 is a great bike for a great price at $1349.00 US. Featuring 4.8 inch Schwalbe Jumbo Jim tires, SRAM hydraulic disc brakes, and a TransX dropper seat post this bike has some amazing features at a very reasonable price. To me it feels like a big bmx that is just fun to ride everywhere. I will be riding it in the snow, but it is so much fun to ride on trails as well. The hum of the huge tires is addicting, and it is actually very fast on all sorts of terrain. Subscribe to see more reviews coming soon! Thanks for watching!!!


  1. NICE. had my ON ONE FATTY TRAIL since beginning of 2017. absolute love it. never quite got used to the noise the bigger tyres make though.

  2. Hi Mat.Love watching people getting air on a fatty.
    1st question , what tyre pressure do you run for trail riding like that ? .2nd ,what suspension forks did you go for.
    I just love my 2015 Bigfoot,
    Glad you like em too.

  3. hey i just got the same bike… stock so far  but its a great bike i like the way the frame is shaped it does feel like a bmx going down hill I'm waiting for a bafang mid drive motor to drive in the mail that should make me feel like a kid again and make it feel like a small bmx going up hill


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