This is one of the best fat bike races I have ever attended and I think most will agree. Similar to the Birkebeiner fat bike race but with the perfect amount of single track to satisfy most riders strengths. The long race was 3, 7 mile laps and the short was 1, 7 mile lap with over 90 registered riders. This race is a must do for all riders and ages. Both myself and my 9 year old son Thaddeus had a blast! I almost forgot to mention cash payouts for the top 5 races!! This is a must do for 2017, put it on your calandar!


  1. Wow you were really killing it!! How fast were you going? And what bike is it?i recently bought a Diamond back fat bike26 by 4'9 tires not really knowing much about bikes and I really like it , though I don't ride it in the snow I live in Queens NY ,what do you think about Diamondback brand?

  2. It's too bad that men have to dress like girls with their tights and all…………………and………….the zinging rear hub…………….very annoying. There, got all that out of the way 🙂


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