Just another year on my fat bike, put into a compilation. Some of the shots are from Blue Mountain, Port Elgin, Hibou Beach, the Brant Tract.


  1. Nice Erik. I showed my wife and she thought it was me on the trails here in Wasaga Beach and on the Dundas Trails. Nice to see a fellow Fat Biker loving it.

  2. OK, the fall in the snow was priceless! I'm going to have to seriously look at a fat bike. In Michigan I miss out on at least 4 good months of riding I could recapture with one. Erik, thanks for the inspiring share.

  3. It's such a pleasure to be able to watch a video on youtube, and not have to mute it to avoid listening to crap ass music.  Beautifully done my friend.. beautifully done!. 

  4. Before I read the description, I knew I saw inglis falls rocks in there!
    Im on the fence for a fat bike in the Owen Sound area. How has youre experience been in the area? I havent had a chance to try one out yet as none of the shops in town have demos yet.

  5. Hey man good video. Really enjoyed it. I rode a lot as a young guy, 47 now.Haven bought a bike in a long time. Still have a a '98 Rocky Mountain Blizzard and still love it but I'm intrigued by this whole fat bike thing. Did you ride regular hard tail 26 ever? Do you miss it or love your fat bike way more? Cheers.


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