Back in February, What Mountain Bike’s Jon and Tom took a Mondraker Foxy and Surly Ice Cream Truck to the French alps, vowing not to return until they knew for sure which was the best option for mountain biking on snow. Their conclusions might surprise you, or maybe not…


  1. this video might have been relevant a couple of years ago when it was understood that fatbikes were snow specific machines but, as you should have noticed, fat bikes have been breaking out of that niche of late, so therefore either a) make it clear in the TITLE this was a snow-specific test or b) actually do a full & proper comparison.

    You also need to be careful about the frames of reference. I'm not a DH hero or strava freak, just want to have fun & I'm considering a fat bike because a recent go on a Trek Farley at CyB was the most fun I'd had on a bike in a long time – not because it's an all-conquering trail weapon.

  2. What a bunch of goofballs!!!! Cant you fools ski????? Junk the fat bike because once im done skiing i will destroy you on my tallboy carbon!!!!!! Luke Skywalker!!! Try powder skiing you will never ride your goofy fatbike again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You are one of those old school bikers… having a rockshox reverb but not use it & still riding with the body behind the seaddle ?

  4. Great video. What language were they speaking? Anyone know? Just kidding. You would have trouble with my south Georgia accent I'm sure…

  5. I don't know…but for a price of a single decent quality made fat bike which is about $2,000 to $3,500 each, that's enough for anyone to get a decent used motorcycle that could take you 400 miles + and 45 to 50 MPG. Why would anyone spend that much amount of money on a bicycle doesn't really make no sense whatsoever!

  6. Hei Jon and Tom!

    It is late to do for this winter, but I hope you could do a repeat of a test like this but do it on winter trails that the fatbikes are actually meant for meaning a packed all mountain snow trail. There are a few types of these on of the funnest is snowmobile tracks in the spring time as the used snowmobile track has become like an endless pump track for miles and miles. I have 5 mountainbikes and also a summer wheelset for my fatbike for the summer with standard 29er mtb wheels. I find no reason to fatbike in the summer with fatbike tires, but the fatbike kicks ass in a summer wheelset as a normal 29er mountainbike. In the same way in the winter I find no reason to ride a non-fatbike nor any way to do so with the lack of grip for the uphill as well as turns on snow and ice. And yes you can ride the fatbike in powder, but that is only in the first snow of the winter so after that you can pretty much forget it. By the time you cannot ride the trail anymore because of the amount of snow and the resistance it puts the snowmobile track is pretty much ready for riding. Then just ride it and wait for the spring pumptrack effect complements of the snowmobile riders!


    P.S. You could offcourse go and ride on the cross country freestyle track, but that is just too boring, its like going road biking 🙂

  7. Im curious about the tire pressure in your fat bikes. I was able to complete a successful 12mile fat bikepacking trip in about 5''+ of fresh powder on top of existing hardpack. At first it was brutal and I kept having a hard time getting going, then I lowered my tire pressure substantially, the were super squishy. any more would have been rubber to rim. Anywho, after that it was smooth sailing, no worries at all. Lower your tire pressure more than you think you need to, then take a little more out, should work out great. 🙂 cheers

  8. so basically you need 200mm forks with 3inch nokians on them, best geometry and floats nicely, better than both the options tried in the video.

  9. Could you do a comparison between fat bikes and one of those snow bikes that has a ski as a front wheel and a track instead of the back wheel? I wonder how this would compete.


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