I’ve ridden 7 different helmets in the past 3 years I have TONS of advice on which helmet will work best for you!
Links to helmets featured in the video –

Hey guys, so this is something I’ve been planning on making for AGES. Since I’m literally leaving Florida in less than a week, I thought I should make it while I’m still down here with all the helmets (so I could have them in the video). I set the audio wrong on my camera (hence the popping) and didn’t realize until afterwards. I didn’t have time to re-film, so I just figured it wasn’t THAT bad. Anyway, I’m sorry.
I hope this video helps you guys out as it has taken me AGES to find a helmet that I’m satisfied with. Keep in mind I sweat A LOT, so having sweat absorbent lining is really important to me. Thanks for watching šŸ™‚

Helmets featured in this video
-Pro-Tec Bucky Lasek Classic
-Kali Samra
-Pro-Tec Classic Skate Plus
-Triple 8 Brain Saver
-Shadow Conspiracy
-TSG Superlight







  1. I dont normally wear one cause i like
    The feeling of the breeze when i ride n when i wear a helmet i dont get that much

  2. Im a dirt jumper and i took a nasty bail with the pro tech classic skate plus and the helmet got a massive scratch on the top. I was 15 feet in the air when i hit my head on the ground. No concussion though. I consider myself lucky

  3. Mother fucker, I just bought a Pro-tech skate classic not even knowing there were such a thing as certified helmets.
    I'm not tryna fucking die

  4. What is the 'smallest look' helmet you've found? As in the lowest profile, not lowest fit, but just a helmet that looks less bulky and smaller on the head…The Kali "Viva" sounds like it might be the smaller profile, but not sure, compared to others like TSG Superlight, etc. THANKS!

  5. Seriously dumb comment to say don't bother wearing if all you have is uncertified. Test all you want in a lab, any helmet is better than none as long as it fits.


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