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Here’s a first look at the new Karoo GPS bike computer from Hammerhead. This Android based bike GPS includes WiFi, Cellular, a Gorilla Glass touchscreen, and full navigational mapping. Plus dual ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart sensors. Here’s a quick first look at it!


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  1. cool concept, damn it's ugly though. Maybe this will spur some other manufacturers to improve their touch screen interfaces.

  2. seems pretty awesome, my only concern would be the battery life of the unit. the smooth touchscreen is a nice welcome compared to other bike units. and nice they added buttons as well.

    if that unit has a 15+ hour battery life, good screen visabilty in the sun, and stable connections with bt and ant+ (pluss the obvious ability to calibrate pm) i would definity consider buying this if the price was right.

  3. Looks decent, but this would be horrendous in the wet! I've mounted my Sony Smartwatch 3 to the handlebars and used mapping, which was fine until it started to rain!

  4. Looks awesome. I wonder why something like that hasn't come out before. I would be concern about performance consistent though, as some Android devices (especially Samsung) tend to become laggy and botherline useless after some months. If it's as consistent as my OnePlus 3T though, it will be perfect. Also, there is batterry life and usability on wet conditions. And finally price :p

  5. Looks chunky!!! Interesting concept and it'll be interesting to see how it fares competing against the likes of Garmin, Wahoo, Mio, Lezyne, Polar etc.

  6. Assuming with that open port on the bottom that it might be a bit of risk to take it out on a wet ride.

  7. Looks good. About time hardware development was separated from software in the bike computer world. Battery life?

  8. Looks neat, but a little concerning that the USB port doesn't have any sort of cover. Can't be good if rain gets in there.

  9. I love the concept. But the form factor looks dated. The unit looks bulky and how will that screen be in sunlight.

    I look forward to further information about this. Love the idea of it being Android based.

  10. It's great to see all this new competition. Maybe this will encourage Garmin to improve their products. I have a history of them breaking (which they were always good about replacing), but I think I have only bought one Garmin out of 11 that didn't have to be sent back for warranty replacement. It's kind of ridiculous when you consider how expensive, these devices are.

  11. As always, great preview! The big question will be battery life for sure. Size is perfectly fine if battery life is good.

  12. How ridiculous is it that we all carry a smart phone in our back pockets, but the trend with this device is essentially making a secondary smart device for our handlebars. Such an absolute waste having redundant hardware.

    The future is to create a dummy GUI for your handlebar…that just pairs with your smartphone and uses your phones GPS/data/processing power for all the hard work. The handlebar mounted device is essentially a dummy device, just casting the custom software from your phone.

  13. Hey guys, now seriously, what is doing the Garmin company? 3 years waiting for a new edge 1010… and counting. Years ago has been avaliable hig tech like smartphones, but the big companys don`t want create a seroius device for cycling, why? easy, buy and buy and buy pure shit, so one thing is clear for me, if Garmin don´t lauch nothing new, sorry, but i will buy this very good looking Hammerhead Karoo!

  14. From Karoo's site: "184 g (6.49 oz) (final weight TBD, we are shaving grams where possible)"
    iPhone 7 – 4.87 ounces (138 grams), iPhone 7 Plus – 6.63 ounces (188 grams)
    Almost identical weight to the 7 Plus, NO THANKS!

  15. Who would want such a flakey, unsecure OS as Android on their bike computer??? Haha that's ridiculous. Not to mention it's a massive power hog

  16. Why wouldn't the incorporate a flap cover for charging port reminds me of iPad apps designed for phones that times thier zoom hideous

  17. If you don't want to take your cell phone along, and also don't have a SIM in the Karoo, what functionality are you losing? I prefer a stand alone device, not tethered to my phone or a SIM.

  18. I would've like to have seen it with 3G.. A bit cheating with the wifi there, especially with the routing function which comes from the internet? Correct me If I'm wrong.

  19. Hammerhead is not a customer focused company. Paid for karoo back in May 2017 along with many others and they continue to give poor excuses for delays then blocked me and countless others from Facebook page and removed all of our comments for expressing concern and frustration. Their responses to customer comments are lack luster and often denigrating. Would proceed with caution when it comes to hammerhead


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