An electric bike conversion kit that uses torque sensing assist with a 250 watt geared motor and 30 volt 6 amp hour Lithium-ion battery pack. The FlyKly electric bike kit costs ~$800 and can go up to 16 miles per hour but allows you to determine the top speed and power level to extend battery range. The smart phone app works with Android, iOS or Pebble devices and lets you track rides, see your history and connect with friends. It can also lock the motor as a basic security feature and use GPS to locate your bike if it gets stolen.


  1. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. After waiting 4+ months and no communication I put in a request for a refund – after three emails, I finally received confirmation that a refund would be applied …and that was three weeks ago. STILL NO REFUND and attempts to communicate about it is leading nowhere.Yesterday I went by the bike shop that used to offer test rides of their product to see if I could get the contact info of an actual person only to be informed they cut off offering the product due to lack of communication poor business practices on the part of FlyKly. This company is a big fat SCAM.

  2. I have two questions:
    1.Can you ride your bike normally, when the battery is empty?I mean without any difficulty!
    2.Can you charge it through solar panel, while riding?

  3. The only reason I'd get an electric bike, is because on the routes I have to cycle often it storms almost always. Long straight road, wind always coming from the same direction… After nearly 5 years I'm starting to get pissed of by it.

  4. Hi I strongly agree that this company is a BIG SCAM, DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. Unfortunately I didn't read those review before an I made the mistake of buying the wheel, I'm in the process of filing a claim trough my credit card, If you want to avoid all the headaches NOT BUY FROM THEM, I would like that electric bike reviews guy ( sorry I think his name is Corey) would do a little bit of a review on the companies as well, as the guru on electric bikes he has introduce us (at least me) to new forms of transportation and help us discovered a world of electric bikes. I sincerely think that companies like this one shouldn't be on his review due to the lack of compromise to the consumer going against the mission and work that electricbikesreview has been done for the past years.
    Thank you.

  5. I've been using my basic bike with 26" tires for 2 yrs now as sole transportation. Front tire has been stolen and replaced with used mountain bike tire, rear tire is not true as spokes tend to break with my weight and stuff I carry. well over 12,000 miles on it. (deciding on new bike or complete rebuild) So just this week I decided to download a app to see my speed. I figured 12-15 mph, but no, on flat 18-20 mph and up to 24 mph on slight downhill. over 30 mph on decent hill. Now with a better bike I think I speed would be higher. So limiting bike to 16 mph seems almost useless other then going uphill or starting up from stop.

  6. Purchased one of these motors and it went 21 miles before it failed. Only way to fix this is to send it back to Italy for $734 shipping.

  7. will you please tell me what model bicycle that is (if you're using the 28" 700c flykly wheel motor)? I've tried three bikes through the mail, I live in a small town with no bike shops, and none of them fit because ofnthe idler lower pulley on a derailer, and because the wheel didn't fit on the frame. flykly won't tell me a bike model it fits on! I need the name of a model it will fit on! then I'll know what to order online!!! thank you

  8. EBR what setup would you recommend for around 1k? I have a bicycle so I've been interested in mid drive. I've been scared of the hub motors since I've owned them in the past. Hall sensors are a nightmare and super unreliable in my opinion. Thx!

  9. The thing is, that when coasting and charging it also is regenerativly breaking. This was very obvious in the video. So a lot of help you get while pedaling is taken a way while coasting.

  10. So they put a temperature sensitive battery and electronics around a 250W motor…I´m really curious if this works for long time especially in summer…and due the fact, that they don´t sell it, I guess they are also not so confidend.

  11. After several years, this finally shipped, and I've been using my Flykly for over a year now (taking a six month break because of Canada's climate).  I just reached 1000 Km with it and basically use it for a 3 Km commute to work.  Some thoughts:
    1) I get about three round trips per charge, so figure your top range is about 20 Km if it's flat.
    2) It's not very powerful, even at the top assist.  If the battery is below about 25% it makes an interesting whirring noise, but doesn't really do anything beyond that.
    3) The app is basically useless – you can only communicate with the wheel if your phone is literally against the hub, and even that's iffy.  I basically use it after the ride is over to check my battery, or to change the settings.  The map, the lock, anything real-time is simply not going to work.
    4) My bike is an Electra Cruiser 7D (rather than the plain Cruiser, because it still needs grip brakes which the plain cruiser lacks) and it fits nicely.  Had to remove all the gears though.
    In summary, I don't think the technology is quite there yet.  If I were to do it again, I'd definitely go for a different electric option.

  12. These seem to be DOA now? With the Copenhagen wheel finally released I'd hoped to see these as competition. Website only shows skooters for sale.


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