Ask GMBN is back and the guys are coming live from a gondola at the Fort William Downhill World Cup! This week we’re covering clearing table tops, building dirt jumps and lots more.

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The crew are up at Fort Bill but this hasn’t stopped them answering your mountain bike questions! On this weeks edition we cover your questions including sponsorship, choosing dropper posts, frame sizing and what to do when you flat a rim.

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  1. #askgmbn

    Hi guys, I'm emailing from all the way over from Australia. I love the channel and been a supporter for many years! I recently bought a 2017 giant trance 3, I have a 10 speed and upgraded to a 1X but just want a lower gear something either a 40,42 or 46 tooth. I have a 36 tooth being my largest and 11 being smallest. Am I able to buy a new cassette and have 40,42,46 as my highest gear or will I need to modify something. Thanks guys!

  2. #askgmbn
    Hey, I am currently 16 years old and will be moving to Australia soon. I've been riding dh for a few years now and really want to get into racing, do you know any events I can attend there? Also I was thinking of getting an affordable dh bike any suggestions? Thx in advance 😁

  3. great place to do the show take your mind off what has to be the worst cable car ride ever "scary gondala"

  4. #askgmbn Around where I live we have very sticky clay mud that always gets clogged up behind my fork and next to my stanchions. Have you got any tips for preventing this and cleaning your fork after rides?

  5. That video of Blake showing how to ride with the seat high help heaps as I’m a cross country races and don’t want a dropper post. When you have the opportunity can you make a video with Nino on how he rides with the saddle high. That would be sick!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€™πŸ€™ Keep them amazing vids coming boys!!!

  6. 1. Neil keeps teaching us boosting jumps using bunny hop. How similar it is on steep, almost vertical take offs ? I mean the manual part. 2. How much sag is a good start on dirt jumper fork ? #askgmbn

  7. I just bought a GMBN stem cap and I am loving it! It looks absolutely tremendous on my bike and it really shows how great you guys are!

  8. Hi guys, im a xc rider and I've been getting pain in my fingers when going downhill. Don't think im holding on to tight… can you please give me some advice #askgmbn

  9. Hi guys, I live I Sweden and I am considering handguards. Here in Sweden there is mostly fir trees, basically the only 2 places there isn't trees is on a field or on an road.

    My hand are pretty sensitive (might not have picked the right sport haha) and I only ride tight single track, that is the only trails that I've got here πŸ™

    Have any of you guys tried it, is it worth it?

  10. Love your channel. May I ask your opinion on a tire with a slight wobble? What causes it (rim is true) and what is the better way to fix it? What are the effects on a bike if I ignore it? Thanks.

  11. #askgmbn: Planning to build a Manual Machine. Can this damage the rims on the bicycle?.
    What about a video related to a Manual Machine?
    Greetings from the Galilee.

  12. #askgmbn Hi guys. I'm in the market for a new full sus bike but am hesitating between the canyon spectral Al 6.0 with the 1Γ—12 and the canyon torque Al 6.0 (1Γ—11). I do aggressive riding but want an all rounder bike and the torque s weight and amount of travel worries me a bit. Pls help

  13. Hi guys, can anyone explain why so many chains snap out the start gate? I understand the torque and fitness of these guys but come on, all that tech on the bike wasted cos the chain snaps. Why don't they beef the chain up? #askgmbn

  14. #askgmbn
    i have to choose from 2 different bikes:
    -sram shifters/brakes
    -80 mil of travel(front suspension only)
    -mechanical brakes

    -shimano shifters/brakes
    -65 mil of travel(front suspension only aswell)
    -hydraulic brakes
    what's your oppinion?
    *forgot to mention the first bike is from a big box store (B'TWIN branded)
    and the second one is from a bike shop.

  15. #askgmbn Hi I ride a large Bergmont hardtail and mainly use it for trails but spend most of my time practicing wheelies, endos, manuals. I think I have mastered the wheelie and can manual for a few metres. I want to be able to manual further however I always seem to fall to the left. Is this because I ride left foot forward and could you give me any advice? Thanks

  16. #askgmbn hey guys I’m going to Chamonix next month I am 14 and I’m planning on buying a full face helmet is it a good idea and can I use my skiing goggles for mtb with the full face also some suggestions for full face helmets

  17. #askgmbn hi I'm saving some money for a new bike, and I was thinking about a canyon torque, but I don't have a lot of trails near where I live, so I have to climb up street to get to the trails, all I know is that I want a canyon but not a strive, and I need something that can take a beating and still be light enough to climb well, what are your thoughts?

  18. #askgmbn with the unusual weather currently in wales the trails are running fast hard and loose, my question is, should you increase tyre pressure for the nobbles to dig in or reduce pressure for a bigger footprint? currently running 28psi front and back.

  19. #askgmbn Hi I am down in Nelson NZ. I bike 2-3 times a week and in the winter I find that its hard to get the mud out of my riding kit and am having to by more kit instead of upgrades. any good ways to get it out? Cheers Ben

  20. Hi. I use clipless pedals. I find them indispensable for 90% of riding but I do a couple of monster climbs, and on one particular one-mile ascent with an up to 30% slope, I am not ready to make the climb without stopping (it is my aim for 2018). But this is the crunch, when I take my feet out of the medals, I can't get them back in again (on the hill) so I seem to end up walking the last quarter mile, which is embarrassing when it comes to Strava segments, as well as damaging to my cleats. Can you give any tips as to getting back into the pedals on a hard slope / momentum / standing hill starts? Thanks.


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