Framed took the fat bike world by storm by building a price conscious fat bike with all the features of other bikes for half the price! For just under $900.00 the MN 2.0 offers everything you want in a fat bike ready to get you through trail and snow riding, beaches and bogs and even commuting or simple Sunday rides in the country.

The MN 2.0 starts with a 6061 alloy frame loaded up with SRAM X5 and X7 in a 2X9 drivetrain for easy shifting and performance in any riding conditions. Framed added AVID BB5 mechanical Disc brakes for smooth stopping power. Traction is brought to you by Framed’s very own FRAMED Minnesota 4.0, 120 tpi folding bead tire with lightweight tubes. Riders agree; these have a perfect tread pattern to be a true 365 day tire. We round this out on our Aluminum alloy 80 mm 32 hole lightweight rims to reduce rolling weight and increase strength and performance. The MN 2.0 gives you everything you need in a cost effective package. Check the specs and compare to the competition!

To top it off Framed wanted to make a fatty that was as multi-purpose as possible, with the Framed Fattie Slims™ and Fattie Trail 29er wheel sets. Fattie Slims™wheel set” is a ready to ride 29er slick wheel set (w/rotors and cassette mounted). The additional wheel set options (Pat.Pending) allow switching from a “fat setup” to an even lighter, even faster “29 Fattie Slims™wheel set” with no tools or mechanical skills. This is also available in a trail style knobby 2.1″ tire for single track and trail conditions.


  1. Got a Framed fatty the same time you did, the 3.0XWT dropped to $750 right around Black Friday.
    Mine also has had the left crank arm come loose, gotta torque that down proper.
    Love this bike. Hit the sandy & muddy trails with my buddy on a regular mtn bike, he cursed up a storm as I sailed over all that mess while he bogged down.
    Yup, this is a monster truck adventure bike.


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