Converting an 18 or 21 speed bicycle to a single speed bicycle for free using hand tools and stock components.


  1. Small nit pick, once you remove the cassette you're left with a freehub, not a "freewheel." A freewheel is the old style system where the racket/cogs were all one piece and threaded on the hub.

  2. I bought myself a nice bike. A Trek Madone 5.5. Super ultra light carbon bike, love it. But its a single speed and where I live I need to go up and down quite a lot, therefore I would love to have it geared (doesnt have to be super sick with 30 gears but at least 2-3 or so). Is it possible to do that? Also, the pedals always move when you are driving, which means that you simply can never just "relax" your feets which I really hate as I am very used to relax my feets when I want to slow down or when I am in front of a red light and so on… can I fix that too?

  3. I'll try converting my mtb to single speed and coaster brake. Video is clear and helps a lot. Thank you.

  4. Please answer me this WHY would you want to convert to single spreed when it would be much more beneficial to convert to a maybe 5 or 7 speed by just removing the front sprockets and derail ( JUST ASKING )

  5. Great vid. Wish all freewheels were that easy to break down though. Most use the smallest cog as the lockring which stops you from moving the cogs about.

  6. Good vid overall but you seem like a competent bike mech, so please STOP calling the cassette a freewheel, you cannot take a freewheel apart like that.

  7. Freewheel disassembly:

    This is the best write-up I've seen on the webs for converting Shimano UG and HG multi-speed free wheels to ss. It also refers to the old Suntour freewheel disassembly. The Suntours were designed so that you could mix and match cogs for perfect development and very close or wide custom free wheels. This was back in the days of square-rampless teeth, five or six speed max.

  8. all theese comments , bunch of useless mouth breathers . i think its a good to the point video for people who wanna do this

  9. Great video! I've been wanting to do this and your video really simplifies the whole process. Thanks for sharing!


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