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  1. Dany you are scaring me! You aren't thinking of forsaking our beloved Dales are you!? Teasing friend you are doing great videos.

  2. I have the Transonic 2.3 and it's awesome! Climbs well and is quite comfortable for an aero racing machine.
    My advice is to replace the saddle and handlebars right away, I put a specialized saddle on first thing and will be replacing the bars shortly.

  3. Hi. Just to say i am riding 2006 roubaix. And it is much more comfy then Focus variado ive been riding before. It has high modulus carbon front and rear forks. Rest of the frame is aluminijm.

  4. I just purchased the Roubaix 1.3 (the 2015 model) for 800 bucks as my first road bike. I haven't had the chance to extensively ride it yet, but my first impression of it was quite good. Seemed like a fair price for a new bike to me that comes equipped with nice parts overall.

  5. Hi need some help in deciding between which is better Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 OR Transonic 1.3 2017, Both are Aero bikes Canyon providing discount of 500 $ but not sure about the carbon frame quality compared to transonic 1.3 C10 carbon. Both the bikes providing dura ace groupsets, weight wise Canyon is 6.9 kg weight but if the wheels of Transonic can be upgraded to Zipp 404 I feel it will be lighter need some suggestions from all. Currently riding Fuji roubeix 3.0 2012 model 54 size frame. want to upgrade to Aeroad for TT and race

  6. Outstanding video. You really summarized it excellently. I've been looking at Fuji bikes for a while and have not seen it streamlined like this before. Thanks !


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