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  1. Hi. Thanks for the good content. Can you do a Canyon roadbike byers guide? They look very interesting, but its do many different types of bikes…

  2. I am currently looking to purchase either the Sportif 1.7 or the 2.3.  Can you help me see which one would be best from a components point of view?

  3. Hello Sick…do you have an opinion on Oval Concept components (wheels, cranks).  Some of the Fuji bikes I am considering have them but I don't know much about them and there seems to be little information on the internet about them.  Thanks so much.

  4. In regards to Finest and Sportif, I was at Performance Bike Shop today. I had been wondering about what the tire clearance was on the Finest (Sportif is the "male" version). We took the front wheel with a 40mm tire from a gravel specific bike and it fit in the Finest just fine, so I believe these bike could make great gravel grinders 🙂


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