New for the 2015 season Fuji is unleashing a revolution in speed. The all-new Fuji Transonic Road Bike is the result of years of aerodynamic research and engineering.

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  1. Aerodynamics on a bicycle…… I would say your chest, stomach, shoulders and face would be the biggest aerodynamic problems, not the bike. Manufacturers pushing there propaganda around for that sucker who would fall for it.

  2. I have this bike in the SL, that's the 1. frame with Red 22 and it rides and goes very well.  There have been no end of people who've asked about it and loved the way it looks and I'm sure Fuji and Performance could sell a lot of them if they were available.  I'm looking forward to next years model, I'll go to interbike and I'll be waiting at the door when it comes to the shop just like this year.  It's a great bike and amazing value for money.

  3. Hi need some help in deciding between which is better Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 OR Transonic 1.3 2017, Both are Aero bikes Canyon providing discount of 500 $ but not sure about the carbon frame quality compared to transonic 1.3 C10 carbon. Both the bikes providing dura ace groupsets, weight wise Canyon is 6.9 kg weight but if the wheels of Transonic can be upgraded to Zipp 404 I feel it will be lighter need some suggestions from all. Currently riding Fuji roubeix 3.0 2012 model 54 size frame. want to upgrade to Aeroad for TT and race


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