The Garmin Edge 820 combines the touchscreen of the large Garmin Edge 1000 with the size of the popular Garmin Edge 520, and more native features than most cyclists will know what to do with — plus the option to add many more functions and third-party graphic options via Connect IQ apps.


  1. My mini review.

    Just recently got a Garmin. First thing first, whoever made Garmin Connect needs to be fired and send back into coding school or something. It is the most ridiculous POS ever. Fit doesn't manually upload, GPX doesn't read, TCX is the only thing, but doesn't even read TCX converted from fit, which is funny because it's recorded in fit. It's mapping only works on Garmin, so good luck trying to share it to a group or use a map from a group page.

    Touch screen is definitely a bit. Half the time I can't tell if it's lagged or I need to hit it again. At least the screen is clear and navigation is very good (once you get the map in…)

    Battery life is decent… i guess… I took it for a ~3.5 hour ride, screen on the whole time and navigation for most of the ride. comes home with 50%, so mine seems to last more than 4 hours compared to bike radar's test (tip, turn off wifi!!!! Power drain!!! You dont need wifi searching when you're in the middle of an empty field). I came from lezyne enhanced gps, MUCH more of a simplified device for sure, but the battery lasts like weeks on it… (same ride probably ~15-20% battery drain).

    In short, decent device, absolutely SHIT softwares, battery life is good for ~2 moderate rides. Don't expect this to navigate you while you go touring, it will run out of juice and you will be stuck on a farm somewhere. I would say this device is more for racers looking to train. For everyday casual riders, look for something else. For touring, look for something else (whether it's garmin touring or others).

  2. I think the 820 is fine. No problems with it. The Edge 1000 is better, but lacks battery life when using bluetooth ect. The touchscreen on the 820 is not so good but and sometimes a bit frustrating. So in the end I use the Edge 1000 more often, but the battery life of the Edge 820 is better for longer rides. Garmin Edge 820 is a bit too expensive but a fine bike computer.

  3. Thanks for the honest review!
    I've watched so many reviews on each one of these and know have too much information.
    Thanks for simplifying things.
    The 520 and buy a mount for my phone if I ever need a proper navigation system for when I'm in new territory.

  4. Worst-most-expensive device I have bought in my life. It took them almost a year to get the firmware to a semi-usable state. There's only so much they can do with software though as the hardware is obviously too weak to perform smoothly. The device has a constant 500ms input lag, you can see it when Ben tries to scroll or change settings. The touch screen is a horrible idea. It reacts to rain drops, doesn't react at all when used in the winter (0-6 degrees Celsius). That, a bit of sweat on your fingers plus the everpresent lag makes operating the device mid-ride very tricky and dangerous. The map is nigh unusable unless you stop and use both hands to change the zoom level or try panning. The battery reacts strongly to temperatures – last weekend on a cold rainy day I've had the device suggest turning on battery saving mode after 3hours of riding! It went back to 20% when I was indoors later. The connectivity is very flaky too. Sometimes it takes the device 40minutes after I get back home from a ride to find the bloody wifi and upload the ride. Even force refreshing the wifi doesn't help. The IQ apps platform is a sad joke. Yeah, I've used the one useful widget Ben mentions, with an analog speed gauge and other metrics shown on one screen. So what, if after one of many firmware updates my setup got wiped and I ended up using the default data screens to save myself the bother of setting them up again for the tenth time. Oh, and the elevation is still botched after a year of updates – it reads 50m lower than the actual reading. Don't take my word for it, there's plenty of similar reports on the Garmin forums (unless they scrubbed them). Avoid the 820 like the plague is what I'm saying

  5. Don't trust the judgement of people sitting on 1 x 11 setups and pretending to know something about biking … or GPS devices …

  6. Garmin software is buggy, nothing but problems. I've had 810 x 2, and 510. Issue is the software is temperamental often not uploading into Iphone and worse not picking up ant+ devices. Mixed results is a fair comment. If you don't not believe me do a simple Google search….tons of frustrated users. There are alternatives out there

  7. Fantastic, honest review. Thanks guys! Doesn't the Garmin Edge 820 have the "Emergency contact" feature? Where it can detect and rapid deceleration, which then prompts you to clear the screen. Failing to do so, will send emergency messages out to your contacts listed under Garmin Connect I suppose. This would be the one and only reason why I would consider upgrading from my Edge 810 to the 820

  8. useless it's to small to be of use to navigate whilst riding ,would mean digging out the glasses everytime ,satmap all the way for me.

  9. Even the best touchscreen would just be annoying when you're going over uneven ground, or if you're wearing winter gloves, so I'll stick to the 520

  10. I rode 120 miles using the navigation and the battery was down to 28% . I have no complaints about the battery life.

  11. I think the whole cycling world is about to forget the Garmin brand. Low quality products overall and they seem not willing to play cool with their customers who bought their junky devices. Someone needs to get fired there.

  12. When you were testing did you have it running gps+glonass? The 1000 is rated with a similar battery life and I'll get 8 hours running both but if BT or WiFi is on it drains pretty fast. I'd imagine switching to just GPS or Glonass would increase batter life.

  13. I find the Edge 820 fantastic . I Guess that the people who have problems with it ,juist have to download the whole Users Manuel and Play with the Edge 820 . I have to admit that in the beginning it is not so easy but after a while it is a joy to work with

  14. one correction, Garmin 820 battery lasts much longer than 4 hours using a course with turn by turn direction if you are not connected to your phone, which is what drains the battery much more, especially using Strava Beacon.
    However, using just a heart monitor and turn by turn navigation can take you on a 150km route easily with no problems of running out of battery.
    I've done a 6 hour ride recently and got home with 25% left.

  15. I have the edge 1000 myself and there is a balancing act with touch screens exposed to the weather. Because if it rains and the touch screen is as touch sensitive as a Samsung or iPhone, the rain drops and activate the touch. So by being a pressure sensitive touch screen that requires a bit of pressure, this helps to mitigate the issue. If they made it as touch sensitive as a smart phone, rain droplets would start touching menu buttons

  16. I started out with an Edge 500 years ago and had no real complaints. I fell for the instant upload to Strava thing and bought a 510 and again, no real complaints, other than there really wasn't any real "wow' factor over the 500 other than the wireless upload.

    Didn't go for the 520, but bumped up to the 820 when it came out. It was vastly better than the 510 in my opinion. The processor was faster, the touch screen was better, as was the display. It was what I had hoped the 510 was going to be when I bought that.

    Then the bad started: elevation gain constantly needed to be corrected once the rides were uploaded to Strava. Then I started having it go to the "save ride/resume ride" screen mid-ride, and with ever-increasing frequency. That was it for me. I returned it and went with an Edge 25 on sale and haven't looked back. I still have my 500 and my 510 if I need them, but I doubt I will. I'm all about the minimalist approach now.

  17. expensive beta unit. the wifi is garbage. it's less effective than bluetooth in terms of uploading data. touchscreen is horrible with cold fingers. the worst part is the button layout. why did they have the start and lap buttons on the bottom of the unit instead of the side? makes no freakin' sense.

  18. what brand is the support are you using to put the
    GoPro under the Garmin? where can i find it? and how much $ it cost?

  19. not a fan of the touch screen x.x would rather have buttons i know if i push will do something. I am currently using a wahoo bolt and am pretty impressed hoping that the fall update comes early fall so it can have custom workouts that you can follow on the device.
    the 820 looks clean though. my old Garmin 520 had tons of micro drop outs from my stages pm even if i moved it to the stem mount they just happened less. which was beyond annoying during a interval and is the main reason i sold it and garbed a bolt for no more 1-3second random drop opts. but if you have a pm that puts out a stronger signal I am sure the 520 would be awesome for you or if 1-3 sec random drops outs don't bother you. most would never even notice them on normal rides

  20. Very bad navigation interface. Very unfriendly. on 810 it seems useless to have the option to navigate. Waste of money!!!! Garmin should be sued for it.
    I need to use my phone to find a location.
    At the same time it is good if you create your own course. But crushes too. So i need to switch on strava always, just in case, so i don't loose my data. Fack Garmin. Too much money.

  21. I have been using the 820 for 7 months after having the 810 for 2 years. I watched this out of curiosity. I have to say that the review is extremely fair and I would agree with all the comments. Its a great unit but does have some limitations.

  22. Thanks for the video. I was undecided between the 520 and 820. After watching your video, I know 520 would be a better choice for my use.


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