Let’s take a look at the Garmin Speed Sensor and how it works on a trainer and spin bike. Get it here:

Here’s a way to get distance and speed (estimated) on a spin bike or indoor bike trainer.

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  1. I just bought a Vivoactive HR and was thinking of stepping up and buying the Garmin sensors, but everyone was flummoxed as to how to estimate speed on a spin bike. Garmin's own instructions indicate that sensors can be paired to get the speed and distance indoors, but then they say you cannot do it. With this method it's easy to quantify some of these variables. Even if they're not perfect, I can do some HIIT and know, for example, that I'm going 20% faster for an interval and just keep everything relative to my speed on my bike. Thank you so much for this video!!!

  2. Very helpful video. Is there any consideration for the placing the sensor along the radius of the wheel, is it better to place it further out from the hub or closer to the hub? Thanks.

  3. I am definitely going to give this a try. My only concern is everytime the sensor is moved from one bike to the next the wheel diameter in the watch has to be updated, sounds like of a pain. It would be nice if Garmin made the software allow a different wheel diameter depending upon the activity. Thanks for the video!

  4. I installed the sensor on the front wheel of my spin bike at the gym more or less the way you describe. I measured the diameter of the bike flywheel and entered it into my Fenix for the sensor which up until now I had used exclusively on my road bike. my number was significantly less than the 1,300-1,400 mm I think you said you used. when I started the indoor cycle activity, I am fairly certain the speed sensor icon was sold, not flashing yet when I reviewed the activity, I had no speed or distance data. should I re-pair the device to the watch?

  5. Hi Jareon C, can please you explain or do a video about how you got the Wahoo RPM speed sensor to work on a spin bike?

  6. Hi. I would like measure distance not only speed, Do I will be abble to do it with this sensor on my indoor bike? by the way I use Garmin 735XT…Thanks

  7. I'm trying to set this up using a Garmin 235. I'm getting speed but not distance. I'm using indoor bike with gps disabled. Any idea?

  8. can you pair this device with any bluetooth device out there? how can I connect this to zwift on my windows PC? thanks in advance 🙂


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