Gas Prices are going up! It’s Time to Convert your Bike into an Ebike!

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1000w Ebike ride up to the University of California, Santa Cruz

Because of break through technology developments over the last several years, there is a wide range of options available in electric bike, motor, and battery technologies. These technologies have made E-Bikes faster, more powerful, safer while going much further than ever before.

If you love cycling and haven’t tried an E-bike you don’t know what you’re missing.

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We’re Dave and Kirby, 2 guys based out of Visalia and Santa Cruz, CA. and we are Augustine E-Bikes. We’ve known each other for years. We are proud to offer a range of electric bike solutions designed to help you ride the way want. We ride these ebikes everyday and test them under every kind of condition. We really enjoy making these videos for you on youtube putting these bike through their paces. These are serious bikes for people who want to get the most out of the Ebike experience.
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  1. . You say in two years the batteries will be half the size and take you twice as far. Don't hold your breath.

  2. Just received my 36volt/500 watt conversion kit. Researched batteries, watched pbs tv NOVA program that had much info about lithium-ion batteries, along with video of these batteries exploding/burning with incredible force, danger of these batteries in planes, and consumer electronic products, and charging dangers. A 36volt/10 amp lithium-ion battery weighs 7lbs, a 36volt/10amp sealed lead acid battery (a safe battery without the dangers of lithium-ion battery) weighs 21lbs. I do not want to endanger my apartment neighbors by having and chargeing a potentially extremely dangerous battery in my apartment, so I have decided to use the safe sealed acid battery and carry the additional 14lbs more than the dangerous lithium battery. Also, three 12volt/10 amp batteries (equaling a 36volt/10amp battery) costs $60.00, a 36volt/10amp lithium-ion battery will cost 4 times as much as the safer/heavier sealed lead acid battery.

  3. Unfortunately there are a lot of places in the US that are not bike friendly or safe to ride your bike to work. Too many driver's out there that don't pay attention to their driving.

  4. Hi I'm interested in converting a regular bike into an ebike. But when I started to look for prices I realized that non of the conversion kits include the battery. And when I started to look for batteries, adding the price of the conversion kit and the bike it almost ends up costing like an ebike from the factory. Or is it that the conversion kits do include the battery? Am I missing something?


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