The Gazelle Arroyo C8 HMB is a highly adjustable, feature-complete, city style electric bike with long fenders and enclosed chain cover to keep you clean and integrated lights to keep you safe, keyed-alike frame lock adds convenience. Available in four frame sizes and three colorways, premium paint and marine-grade hardware were chosen to withstand wet salty environments, lightweight suspension, seat post shock, and swept-back bars with ergonomic grips offer comfort. Tool-free adjustable stem and brake levers, the Magura hydraulic rim brakes will hold up better than disc brakes at bike racks but are equally powerful and easy to actuate. Sturdy rear rack attaches to a frame extension and metal plate below the fender, the main frame has inner walls to increase stiffness, Bosch drive system is powerful, responsive, and reliable, the internally geared 8-speed hub allows for gear shifting at standstill and won’t go out of tune as easily as a derailleur.


  1. Im sorry but Step Thru's are "girl bikes." A man riding these kinds of bikes just doesnt look right. Rear mounted battery is so Prodecotech.

  2. Not a fan of rear mounted batteries. Also, just looking at the front light mount in the video, looks cheap and easily bumped, moved, damaged. A bit expensive for a city bike and not very attractive.

  3. Surely a beautiful bike design, but as much as I love the look there are some real reservations in its over all design.

  4. After studying all the bikes available in my price range and considering all of Court's and other's reviews I chose the Arroyo C8 HMB and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm older and have had numerous hip replacements so the step-through frame is a blessing for me and your "girls bike" label holds no sway. The civilized world is being populated by genderless bikeshare frames so you should probably get used to it. The rear rack mounted battery might be an issue if the bike weren't so superbly balanced and nimble. Riding it daily in a suburban city environment I really appreciate the internally geared hub and being able to shift at any time or at a standstill. The vaunted Dutch comfort is a real thing and makes this bike ideal for local chores or extended treks. In the Pacific NW we have hills, which the Bosch Performance Line flattens with prejudice. The craftsmanship is genuinely extraordinary; there are no visible welds, they've all been smoothed and polished. And yes, I wish it cost less so that everybody that wanted one could have one. But here's my thinking on that: many of the less expensive bikes are built with generic components and sold by brands that didn't exist a few years ago. Gazelle has been around since 1892 and Bosch since 1886. I feel safe I won't join those selling their eBikes on craigslist because batteries and parts are no longer available. Frame flex was a concern I had after owning another step-through but the Arroyo is rock-solid. Even if it isn't the bike for you, get up close to one and take it for a ride. Cheers.

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  6. I have had a crush on Gazelle as a company for quite some time. I appreciate the thoroughness of your review. It’s amazing! I’m very seriously considering a test ride. I’m excited! Thanks for your review!

  7. I've never ridden an electric bike. Do you always have to pedal, or can you ever go pedal-free and let the bike do all the work?


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