Learning to cycle is one of life’s key skills, but buying the right bike for your child is probably more difficult. Here are GCN’s Top 10 tips for buying kids bikes.
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Teaching your kids to ride a bike is one thing, but ensuring that they enjoy cycling is another. Not every child will want to be the next Chris Froome and you can’t force them to enjoy riding a bike, but you can help the process along by ensuring that they have the right bike for them.

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  1. I must recommend islabikes, they're simply amazing. Unfortunately they have stopped shipping to mainland Europe. I'm seriously considering going to the UK and buy se when you kids grow out of the ones they got now.

  2. Biggest thing I can add to this is let them pick out a helmet with their favourite cartoon character or superhero on it. I've seen kids not wanting to take a hemet off even when they get in the car if it has the right graphics on it.

  3. Look at Frog Bikes. Transformed my sons riding, light, comfortable and well thought out and engineered for kids.

  4. There are lots of brands of bikes that are better than your Specialized. Cleary, Islabike, Woom, there are more. How can you make a video claiming to be top ten tips without knowing this?


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