Genze 201 Electric Bicycle


  1. Thanks so much for the review. There are so many brands to chose from. Now I know a quality brand, and will consider an order. I assume you ship anywhere?

  2. Hi Robot, this is Ronak from Mumbai, India. I follow your channel and have learnt a lot of tips and tricks to take good care for my vehicle Vespa SXL 125.

    I need your support or if you can make a tutorial video to adjust the handlebars so that it is aligned straight to the front wheel. Also how can we fix the left and right handlebar tilt. Tilted handlebar due to fallen down scooter.
    1. Alignment to front wheel
    2. Left- Right tilt straightening up.
    3. Handle weight adjustment so that when placed in center position it does not fall on left.

  3. Electric bicycle are cool, but you have to be careful with retail, purpose built, electric bicycles because some of them are priced very high and the bicycle components are on the low end. So you end up paying a high price for low end stuff. Also they will cut cost in areas where its not obvious like selling you a cheap low capacity lithium battery. I built my own electric bicycle using a road bicycle frame and a 750W mid-drive motor & 48v lithium battery for less $1000. I'm not referring to the bicycle in this video in any way. I don't know anything about the Genze 201 Electric Bicycle. Cool display! Looks like the display is hard to see when the bike is parked somewhere making it less likely to get vandalized.


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