The best aero bike of 2014 returns for our Bike of the Year 2015 test. Giant have brought a host of minor improvements while retaining the comfort and outright speed that made us love the Propel in the first place.


  1. Just wondering, is the frame from the Pro 2 exactly the same as the one used for the Pro 1? Of course they have different paint schemes and whatnot, but would you only be paying extra for the Pro 1 because of the lower specs?

  2. Why are you guys always going offroading with the road bikes, caked with mud?  Just kidding.  I just ordered one of these

  3. How tall are you and what size frame are you riding in the review? I am looking to purchase the Propel Advanced 1 .. I am 5'9" and I was thinking about purchasing the small frame. Would you recommend the small or the medium?

  4. What is the advantage of this type of wheel (i.e with the thick rim)? Are they just for racing, or do people use these wheels for everyday use?

  5. I love how this channel takes the "there's nothing wrong with 105" approach. Also, kudos to the presenter dude for losing some weight.

  6. I paid £250 less for a smoking hot R5(spotless) with new Ram Shed and 

    Yourachase wheels, incomparable.

    Never buy new, buy nearly with a terrible sob story, the one I got was awful, but I paid

    him well to clear my tear duckS!!

  7. +BikeRader Require a little advice! Found the Giant Advanced Propel with Di2 for 2.5K! I KNOW it's an aero bike but just wondered if you can fit 28" tyres on it?

  8. I've been looking for an aero bike and think I've settled on the Giant Propel Advanced Pro 0 2016. Any review on this exact model with the Ultegra Di2.

  9. Love my 2015 after I put some better wheels and got the brakes sorted… light, stiff, aero, comfortable… great bike IMO.

  10. What's the aero benefit of brakes hidden behind the fork or "integrated" into the seat stays respectively (Giant) when you have huge amounts of protruding cable wobbling around (3:28)?


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