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  1. bike manufacturers aim for the middle ground with regards gearing to sell more bikes we know they know not everyone even knows how to change a cassette etc

  2. hey Harley, great to see this review on this bike as nobody else that i know of on the web has reviewed it yet and im really interested in this bike. i am not a weight weeny but just curious, do you know how much it weighs?

  3. You say it's a racey bike. In what way exactly though? How's the fit compared to your other TCR or other bikes? Can you advice some good bikes that are more build for touring / long distance?

  4. you should review the entry level tcr and compare it to this bike. would love to know the difference in how they ride

  5. I don't understand the 11-32 cassette argument. You say 50/32 is an "attacking" gear. Well in my racing experience, attacking up a climb means holding around 4 watt/kg and attacking at around 7 or 8 watt/kg. If you're pushing this much wattage then you should have no problem using even a 52/19 up a 5-6% grade.

  6. I've got this bike and after watching your vids I changed it to a compact crank and put a 32t cassette on the back and couldn't be happier with it. It's so good on the flats and now with the gearing it's even better up hills. Thanks mate

  7. There is nothing wrong at all with a TCR, was at a race last night and admired his TCR, he told me how in France he rode the top of the range Pinarello, and thought his TCR was even better, for value for money, and yes the PSLR1 tires are crap, you do get value for money, no need to spent 10K on a bike, upgrade the wheels.


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