What Mountain Bike’s 2016 test of the best mountain bikes has found a winner. We’ll be bringing you video reviews of the top 12 bikes over the next few weeks, including this Giant Trance SX.
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  1. Tom always has a smile on his face when he passes us over to Guy Kesteven. I think it's because he knows he could easily tell us how the bike rides without handing over to anybody.

  2. amazing bike. I don't like its handlebar, 800mm is too big and I don't like its shape. (would be worst if cut). Stem 20mm too long. Best fork ever ridden. Don't think of this bike like a xc-trail bike, it's definitely an enduro. Can't sait summer to test it on my favorite trails and bikepark

  3. Love this bike. Would be a great buy if you ride predominantly UK trail centres, where you do a bit of everything. Always get a classy frame and decent kit from Giant too.

  4. do you guys recommend getting a trance 3(it's WAY cheaper) and swapping a 160 mm fork and swap out the narrow bars and long stem ? +BikeRadar

  5. Been on mine since June 2016. Overall this bike has been AWESOME. I mostly ride in the desert southwest (U.S.), Phoenix mountains, Sedona, thereabouts. Works great, the Fox suspension is over the top cool, especially the Talus Fork feature, the bike climbs like a mountain goat and the downhill bomb runs are handled with ease. the only complaint is the Sram Guide brakes. Junk IMO! I had to warranty them twice in two months for the master cylinder pistons locking up. The local shop mechanic gave me all sorts of excuses why, from some Sram upgraded part, to it, "being too hot in Arizona and the parts in the master cylinder expanding too much and locking up." I finally got fed up with them and replaced them with Shimano XT's. Never looked back. The Sram 1×11 is flawless and I love it (coming from a 2×9). Would I buy it again? Hell yea, but Sram needs to get their shit together on their crappy brakes!


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