We’ve got an early Christmas present for you! Not everyone gets it right the first time…this is certainly the case when it comes to our presenters! Here are our finest Bloopers, B roll and Fails from 2017! Here’s to more good times riding bikes in 2018 ?

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Fails and bails, messed up lines, adverse weather and a few F-bombs…there’s plenty which doesn’t make it to your screens everyday! Here’s some of the best bits which didn’t make it in to the final edit!

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  1. 'It's basically a log wedged into the ground… And it looks like a boner. They come in all kinds of shapes and s-…'
    'Uh, that's-'
    'You can't say that.'

  2. I kinda feel bad now, you guys try so hard and you have to do it all over again in the shot, must be stressful, merry Christmas guys

  3. Great, well balanced team now, Martin, Blake, Neil and Doddy, all compliment each other so well. Keep up the good work guys! ?

  4. That was awesome!! I appreciate the crashes… it's encouraging to see seasoned riders can have the same mishaps I do! Brilliant!!

  5. hmn Blake actually managed to blow his rear tire on the DH4 on the Megavalanch ? Crazy that you can actually do that there. I have Blake and some other dude with the green GMBN jersey on video. Someone was shouting at me at the same time as I was passing both. Wondering what it was all the time maybe he can answer me haha. I guess I was passing both short time before they managed to blow that rear.


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