New for 2015, GT have positioned the Grade as the first in a new category of ‘EnduRoad’ bikes, designed to take your riding to entirely new places.

We’re pleased to report that the Grade is an absolute blast.


  1. I don't like bikes's design. Mate, black, no GT wings… Triple triangle do not look so good as on my avalache. I hope GT will redesign Grade.

  2. This is a bike that certainly appeals to me. Though I love road cycling, I'm never going to be Chris Froome or the like, so its pointless looking at aero bikes and true race bikes, but something as versatile as this floats my boat.

  3. unfortunately,  GT Grade doesnt come to my country Indonesia, i doesnt even get any response from GT Indonesia FB page.. i really want this bike because it's really match my needs, but well duh..
    yet if i ordered this bike outside my country, it'll be more expensive especially because of tax and such like $1000+ extra let this bike enter my house.. man… this bike really match Indonesian roads that most of it are rough road, unimproved road, beaten road.. bzzz
    it'll be great to have this bike here.. just…….. why…….

  4. Absolutely Love this bike to bits. It challenges you to have fun just about anywhere and rewards you for trying. I have a GT MOUNTAIN BIKE – triple frame is a standout. Thanks for the video. I have found my nirvana bike.

  5. The bike looked ugly the first time I saw it online and it's still the same. However, after this review, I will check it out at the local store. Thanks.

    This bike definitely caught my eye and piqued my interest. It's worth looking into in depth. Thank you. 😀

  7. I only had GT Grade Alloy 105 for about 50days, and it has made my head twice the size before I had the bike.  If it's that good, I must have a better bike.  So today, I took delivery of GT Grade Carbon Ultegra.  Look out roadies, if I can tag along on my Grade Alloy 105, I may possibly pull away with the new Grade Carbon Ultegra.  BTW the shop owner showed me a BMC GF01 with Ultegra D2.  The bike is more beautiful than my GT Grade Carbon Ultegra, but had rim caliper brakes, with about 30% higher price tag,  I can happily live with my new GT Grade Carbon Ultegra.

  8. This is such a cool bike. I've been trying to find an alloy version around here to ride it, as I'm considering this vs. the Specialized Diverge. Haven't found one yet though 🙁

  9. I just bought a Grade 105 Alloy and absolutely love it.  Very agile and nimble like a road bike, but can cope with a lot of non-road situations.  The TRP disc brakes on the Alloy 105 are awesome.  I am particularly impressed with the wheelset/tire setup as well.  

    If you are at all interested, you should go to a local bike shop and take one for a spin!

  10. Maybe a weird question to post here, but here it goes. I really like the bike but I am doubting between the 58(XL) and the 60(XXL). Does anyone have one who can share his measurements? I am 188 CM with an inseam of around 88-89 CM. Thanks in advance! (BTW i now have a Trek Madone 5.2 in size 60)

  11. I got the Grade and the review is spot on down to the notes on the wheels. All of your 2015 review I have seen are really good and down to earth advice.

  12. I've had my GT Grade Carbon for about two months now (bought on this review), it's a fantastic bike, i love it! I love being able to ride along and spot a bridleway and actually go and find out what is down there rather than wondering. It 's very comfortable, you can literally sit in it all day with no issues, the flared drops make the world of difference and the frame is amazing, you can feel it eating up the surface you're cycling on, it's not going to eat up everything though, after all it's not got suspension but it does an amazing job! The hydraulic brakes are amazing too, being able to stop nearly as quick as i can on my MTB on a loose surface and then having consistent baking in the wet too. There is one note about the wheels though, they are damn heavy, like gearing down a couple of cog's on the rear (for me as an amateur anyway) so you're not going to be setting huge PR's or KOM's on climbs but the extra freedom is worth it! If you have any questions about it let me know!

  13. I haven't ridden in decades and decided I needed something I could do for exercise, walk into a bike shop in Fort Collins Colorado tried some out the closest I could find that I used to ride which was a Pujo and then climb on one these GT's and they are 
    unbelievable you can get going fast a lot faster than what I had back in the seventies, I couldn't help it so I bought one.

  14. I want this bike I'm going to have the money to buy it in the fall which is when 2016 arrives so I'll get that new bling. I'm in love with this bike. Actually obsessed.

  15. There's just too many bikes out there. I can't decide between this, Bmc Granfondo gf02, specialized diverge and jake the snake by kona. They're all supposed to handle every surface fairly well. Which of these bikes is the best value option? I want to use it for commuting mainly on the road and gravel roads.

  16. I have have a Grade with sram force. I ditch the wheels for Zipp 202 with conti 25. I have another set of Zipp 30 course with 35 cm tires for gravel racing. I have been out with the roadies on fast rides and did just fine. I have done gravel races on the same bike. That being said, if your looking to race or ride far and fast get a road bike. This is bike is super versatile.

  17. those handlebars are awesome I have them on one of my cyclocross 144mm on the hoods and 146mm on the drops that makes a lot different they bring you a lot stability and gives that aggressive looking

  18. I have one and it’s fantastic. I can go where I want and have no worries at all. I ride to get fit and get good times but also to enjoy the countryside and the wonders the UK has to offer. There are no worries on this bike.


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