What Mountain Bike’s 2016 test of the best mountain bikes has found a winner. We’ll be bringing you video reviews of the top 12 bikes over the next few weeks, including this GT Sensor Carbon Expert.
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  1. Never thought I'd hear an Englishman use "murdered out". For all I know you guys came up with it. Please start using "hella" as well.

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the pedal axle is located on the pivoting part of the rear suspension, should the rear suspension not work when the rider is off the saddle (like the old unified rear triangle suspensions) ?

  3. Kind of a frustrating review.. You kept saying how some might not "get on" with the i- drive. Well, this is NOT i-drive..at least not like the i-drive or freedrive of old. Much different and waaay better. Pathlink eliminates chain growth, the chainstay pivot is a big improvement.. and some other refinements. It's a simpler, more effective design-and you do not feel the bottom bracket moving at all. Great, efficient system and a super fun bike ! It almost seems that reviewers are afraid to really praise GT.. Maybe there's still a stigma with the name, but I have one and its a great climber, corners great and is well balanced on descents So there's my short review..


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