Does Guy Martin prefer trucks or bikes? Grimsby or the Isle of Man?
We challenge bike racer, tv personality and truck mechanic Guy Martin to some rapid fire questions.


  1. Guy Martin, seriously, how can you not just love that guy? He is always in good mood and puts a mile on my face every time.

  2. Guy's the fookin' best! down to earth, such a genuine lad like most of the real Road racers. entertaining informative and always honest. ??βœ‹?

  3. Guy is the complete opposite of the idiot celebrity culture, fame hungry, scripted reality star morons we get rammed down our throats. Finally someone who loves engineering, technology, fixing things, racing anything on wheels, who doesn't give a hoot how he looks, very unique character and a national treasure

  4. wait can we all take a moment to figure out if the phone he grabs at the end is his mobile phone or the work phone?

  5. Good questions there, chosen correctly! I was expecting the usual internet crap. Good job because, he's our legend.

  6. You have to let go of your inhibitions when talking to Guy Martin otherwise you come across as a stiff boring arsehole. Top man πŸ™‚


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