The Haibike Urban Plus is a sporty, sturdily built, urban electric bike that’s capable of 28 mph top speeds (Class 3) to cut down on commute times, thru-axles, large hydraulic disc brakes, stiff frame. Available in three sizes to improve fit and comfort as well as two color schemes, the white would keep you visible and compliment the reflective tires and integrated front and rear LED lights. Excellent utility here with tough plastic fenders and a sturdy rear rack, good weight distribution with the mid-motor and battery positioned low and center, both are nearly hidden on the frame. The TranzX motor isn’t quite as responsive as premium competitors (Bosch, Yamaha, Brose, Shimano) but was quiet and offered shift detection, the fat tires reduce some vibration and add a bit of comfort but this is still a pretty stiff ride.


  1. Haibike offering YET ANOTHER option? I had a chat with a Haibike rep, and even he said Haibike sometimes admit to making too many different models. Quality, not quantity.

  2. I heard someone mention something about the manufacturer of the motor, that they were going out of business or something like that and that it would hard to get parts for that motor once you own this bike

  3. Court, do you think this bike would be a good long term investment as far maintenance goes in the future with getting parts for the motor?

  4. Electric bicycles were used as props in the movie Downsizing with Matt Damon. The bikes look just like the Amego bicycles you reviewed a few videos back. I only mention it because you said she runs Amego.

  5. Only took a year to go down Two Gran? Wanted this bike so bad but I wasn't going to pay 5,500 for it and when I finally got to physically see it that thing is a Beast should be for military use only

  6. Now this is a fantastic deal for $1700 usd on the izip website!! This is a Stromer killer for sure and it has a mid drive motor as opposed to a heavy imbalanced rear hub that is absolutely horrible on hills. I own the Stromer st1 platinum with city kit and it is heavy and performs very badly on hills.

  7. Damn this is a beautiful bike. Can't watch the whole video now, but is there torque sensing? If not, how's it compare to torque sensing?

  8. Hi, no offense but pls – Dont say you ride fast if you use a mid drive motor… with these motors you donโ€™t ride 45kmh! If you like to ride fast atm you have to buy a hub motor(like Stromer) to reach 45kmh for real. This here is just a lie(advertisement)… And if you would ride fast for longer time with a mid drive motor you would have a huge wear. Iโ€™m just saying because a lot people maybe would be disappointed.

    Kind regards from Germany

  9. Hey Court, I just recently purchased this ebike based on your very informative review. I just had a few questions. What do you think of the longevity of this motor with the Cobi system now that it's owned by Bosch? Will the Cobi system continue to have updates for the TranzX motor? I've considered this outcome prior to my purchase. So then, would it be possible to switch out the Cobi system with an Intuvia display?

  10. Thanks for reviewing this bike, I think there is some risk involved with service on the TransX motor. Remember, the warranty is still good on new bikes at the $1700 price point. Not to mention TransX is still making motors despite the fact Haibike may not be using them in the future. At this lower price I think it's worth the risk, worst case you get two years of riding and upgrade.

  11. I'm stuck between purchasing the Juiced Cross Current S and the Haibike Urban Plus 2018 (I can get either for $1699). Aside from Haibike's superior extra components, how do the parts/performance compare?

  12. Good review, Most of the ebike or my local bike site the price in US $1699… why the price drop ?(but most of them doesn't say its on sale, so getting rid off inventory ?) on Haibike site MSRP is still $3599 and maybe this will be the first and last with TranzX M25 GTS Drive Unit ??

  13. This is a copy of a Stromer. Inferior in many ways, particularly the motor but the price is key. A great bike. All of the phone stuff looks very excessive and unnecessary.

    Dude, I love your videos!

  14. Great to see that you were in SB! Ebikezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is a great place! I bought my Kalkhoff from them. I tested that same bike you are showing in your video, but went with the Kalkhoff since it had an internal gear hub and belt. Really liked the iphone interface on the one you are reviewing. It was cool that it would show you the amount of watts that you are outputting.

  15. I was between this bike and the Cc s Juiced Bike. Due to the sale, which gives higher quality components at the same entry price, and the higher inherent efficiency of mid drives, I ended up buying this bike. I use this bike exclusively as a work commute bike on paved streets.

    After 2 weeks, these are my observations: The bike is very well made and handles well. Shock-absorbers are not needed for paved streets and with fatter tires. The advertised speeds of up to 28 mph are however only reached downhill or with lows of wind in the back or extraordinary effort. I get to 24-25 mph comfortably and my commute average speed is 19-20 mph. For those who want to average higher speeds to shave off a few more minutes (20-22 mpg enabled by more easily reaching 28 mph), I understand that CC S from Juiced will give you that option more easily.

  16. Was interested, but was curious of the price drop and not familiar with the Tranz motor….so asked around few dealers, one did say they have issues and another one responded saying they are actually not going to be warrantying that bike, saying it has had a few failures hence the low price. They raised the price intentionally to 1999 as they prefer not to sell that. That bike will likely be a hassle for both the customer and the retail store. So will pass on it !

  17. Hey, I am truly happy that you had the lady go over the Cobie system and the added features, alarms, maps, that really makes this even more of a good buy. The firmware updates is really cool. Also you save a great deal of money using your own phone. Truly an amazing bike for the money. Thanks

  18. How long does battery last and how many miles on 1 charge and they should be built in GPS tracker it


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