One of the lightest weight (39.4 pound), fastest (28mph) and smoothest electric road bikes I’ve ever tested. The Superrace comes in five frame sizes and includes Magura hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rims, custom front and rear LED lights and carbon fiber deep dish rims. You get a 350 watt mid-drive motor system by Bosch and a removable 36 volt 11 amp hour Lithium-ion battery pack.


  1. Great review. That bike looks awesome. They are really putting it all together with the torque sensor, speed pedelec, and pausing while shifting. I am a bike commuter and would love to see a commuter bike like that with a rear rack and both a front shock and some sort of rear suspension, like one of those single shocks that goes where the seat stays meet the seat tube. Our roads in California are rough and I find the suspension really makes the ride much more pleasurable.

  2. I just looked up the Haibike Trekking and I think it has a 20 mph limit 🙁
    That seems kinda odd to me that they limit that when it isn't that unusual to go faster than that on a nonelectric bike, especially a light road bike. The E3 Dash goes 28 mph. Same company, wonder why they limited the Haibike to 20 mph

  3. Has any mfgr thought to make the controls and LED readout/speedo be detachable? Seeing that BOSCH name so prominently means thieves and vandals see it too. BTW, love that camera angle of the motor/chainring @6:34 in. With all that plastic, I'd prefer they covered the chain/chainring where it meets your ankle. Xlnt review.

  4. I made my schwinn mountain bike into an ebike with a converter kit and I should have spend more, it only goes 16mph with no pedaling: / but cruising to work is great:)

  5. Yet another, excellent review!

    I like how you were able to give us an idea of how the motor sounded like at 6:37. Great that you were able to get ride of the wind noise.

    At 7:24, you ramped up to 28mph. Did it take a lot of effort to do that?

    Someday, I hope Haibike will consider a throttle. My application is just for emergencies. It doesn't have to be fast, it's just got to get me home safely.

  6. Is there any way to completely shut the system off, and pedal with no assistance whatsoever, or do you always have to have SOME assistance?

  7. These various electric and gas bikes are good because some people live around hills and a regular bike would be difficult for casual riders.

  8. Please I want to ask you about if you choose between 2 bikes this one the Haibike Xduro Superrace and the Specialized Turbo S , which one you will buy for yourself ??

  9. Hey Court, I've just received my Haibike Super Race, with thanks to your review 🙂
    I believe I've taken delivery of the MY2015. I wanted to let you know about an update to this Bosch drive system called 'Walk' mode. It's a push button throttle on the front of the +/- controller; Gear dependant, it assists you between 8 to 10 mph.
    Thanks again for your review!

  10. Hi,

    Great presentation! Thx. Just one detail: it's a 10s cassette/drivetrain and not 11s!


  11. Who in their right mind would make a bike intended for racing or training when its 39 pounds?? The price, value and weight to speed ratios are most probably the same or even less that a good road bike. Maybe this is good for people with leg issues, or older people, or going uphill, but the prices of these bikes just cannot be justified… Only for rich dumb folks…

  12. Hello Court. Have you had a chance to check out the Ecomotion line of bikes?? They are in West Hollywood. I asked Sam at Fullerton Bikes about them and he was not aware. I saw the Ecomotion bikes at San Diego Electric Bikes in Solana Beach. Eco motion makes a reasonably priced road bike which I would love to hear you review. Thanks Ernie Schulze


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