A quick review of the Carrera TDF road bike from Halfords (UK)


  1. Un relevant but I like this bike btw. I'm just saying today that some guy in a car shouted you stupid prick pa some road tax he was in a Toyota fire which doesn't pay road tax what a bell end.

  2. I got this bike last year, its pretty good. The only negative is that the right gear lever constantly rattles. I changed the tyres after about 400 miles as they were shot. And got a gel saddle pretty quick too 😀 Its easy to ride, even with strap pedals, you get used to them in no time. However, I'm starting to find that I'm running out of gears when going downhill. But the acceleration is fantastic, and its a really strong bike with plenty of spokes to strenghten the wheels too.

  3. You can buy a high specification matching jersey from Suarez clothing for £49 to match this bike. They even call it the Carrera TDF! 

  4. Hello
    You can get a reasonably priced double sided pedal which may be of help to you. Its an SPD on one side and a a grippy platform on the other. This way you have the choice of climbing in the rain with your fit clipped in or riding around town in traffic on the platform or you can have one in the clip and one on the pedal when you feel the need. I bought a set of pedals the like of which I have just described for my wife who is a keen cyclist.and she really likes them. Just make sure you practice a bit on a road which is quiet before clipping your feet in the pedals and falling off at a bus stop with a long queue, like  I did when I first started using them. The ones I bought my wife are Shimano.
    Hope this helps.

  5. I just purchased this very same bike 3rd hand from eBay last Saturday (13th August 2016) for £110.
    If I sell it on then I guess I wont lose that much in depreciation , maybe £20 or £30 at the very most.

  6. I have this exact same bike.
    I don't like Racer bikes because you really feel the impact when you hit a kerb.
    Although they are very light and very fast but when I want to go up on a kerb even if the kerb is very low and flattened but when you get onto the kerb with a racer bike you really feel the impact but on a Mountain bike or a BMX you don't feel it not nearly as much as you do on a racer bike.

  7. I got the 2015 version brand new 230. This version comes with carbon forks. I have been slowly upgrading it. Spd 1 sided peddles, much better brake shoes, rs501 wheels(which enables 7speed 11-28 cassette instead of the old 7s 14-28 freewheel) 25mm gatorskins, saddle, carbon seatpost, better size steering stem. My first road bike and loving it. Well worth spending a little more on the bike.


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