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  1. Would be interesting to see you jump suddenly into a full sprint and see if it 'slips' or manages the sudden change well.

  2. (1) new intro video or I just haven't noticed?
    (2) hmm. seems odd they didn't use the "weights" for the magnetic resistance for compatibility, but probably wouldn't want to put those weights on carbon wheels anyhow.
    (3) I would love to see you (standing) at high watts and intervals.
    (4) Seems like a 'killer app'. I mean, at that price and size they should sell like crazy.

  3. Another YT review say that the force needed on the crank was as much on the upstroke as on the downstroke. Like you would feel 50% on the down and 50% on the up, which is not a realistic feel on your tendons and muscle groups. Is this true?

  4. I just got my Stac Zero with Power. I have only 2 hours on it and so far I am very impressed. My main concern was noise level as I live in a small apartment with nearby neighbors on all sides. The trainer makes ZERO noise. I am using it with Zwift and I find it works very well. I previously was using a Smart trainer which was a little more interactive with Zwift but like many people on Zwift I prefer flat routes and really don't care about incline simulation. The Staczero has good road feel but not as good as the smart trainer and not as good as my fluid trainer. Still it's not bad and is pretty realistic. There seems to be a little bit of flex in the trainer bars. I kind of like it. I feel like I can "rock" a little bit. I am also on a mat on carpet so that may but just my set up. I know there has been concerns about the wheel weights. Let me say that it is IMPOSSIBLE that the weights would "fly off" or otherwise depart or damage the wheel. Provided you install them correctly, which is pretty basic, you won't have any issues with them. There is also another YT review where there was a comment of a "design flaw" concerning power on the down and up stroke. Well, ignore that. Your road bike on the road has the same thing. I actually felt like I was making a more efficient pedal stroke with the Stac. I had no problem connecting to Zwift on my IPad and overall it was just about as simple as it can get. I did one sprint so far. I hit 999 watts with my compact crank set up. I will dump my 12/32 cassette for an 11/23 to get a better top end. My previous trainer only was able to do about 600 watts or so.

    Here's my ratings
    NOISE 10/10
    EASE of USE 9/10
    ROAD FEEL 8/10
    ZWIFTing 8/10


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