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  1. Does that click make it easier to get a consistent tightness? Does Cycleops recommend spindown every ride? My wife and I share a Kickr Snap but are looking to add a second trainer to our pain cave by next summer (our trainer season here in Phoenix). And one issue we have is she does not tighten the wheel as much as I do. So if I do the spindown, it under-reports her power. If she does it and I forget, it over-reports mine. Thankfully I have a Pioneer power meter on my bike and she will hopefully be getting one before much longer so I no longer do spindowns on the Snap. But it does make things fiddly when we keep swapping out the bikes and having to tighten the wheel and hope we get the resistance correct. And when she is doing trainer rides at 5am, she doesn't always remember to spindown before doing her Zwift workout. I'm hoping to convince her to make life easier and just let me get her a Stages, 4iii or Pioneer crank arm at some point. We definitely want a controllable trainer because sometimes we like to climb on Zwift. Thanks!

  2. could you overlay the speed on the video? garmin virb-style? that would really make it even more 'visual': speedo & the smiley decibelmeter, amazing combo! 🙂

  3. About to buy my first trainer but waiting to see whats around the corner before I push the button. Excited to see what Wahoo and Tacx has coming up! Appreciate your reviews, Ray!

  4. I was hit by a car last month and sustained some serious injuries. So eventually when I get back to walk then riding I will be rehabbing a lot on a trainer. Assuming I wasnt too concerned about the price, which trainer would you recommend. I do use and train with power, I did and will continue racing when fully recovered. I will use zwift and my own personal workouts. I would like something that will last, be very consistent, and top of the range. Thank you very much for your advice.

  5. Awesome Review! how you compare this to the tac x vortex and bushido. This one seems a little more sturdy and durable. Overall which do you think Is better if I want to stay in that price range ?

  6. Thanks a lot for the hands-on. I am in the process of deciding which smart trainer buy. Need a fairly quiet trainer with a controlled resistance and this Magnum has just got to the top of the list. I'm also thinking about Rampa, but so far the reviews are practically non-existent. I'm even considering Flux, but not sure I can justify the price 🙂

  7. I'm looking for an interactive trainer like the Magnus for my family to share. Are any of the ones on his list of suggestions for the $500-$700 range that will allow me to quickly change from 24" to 650c to 700c wheels. I would really appreciate help that anyone could send my way. Thanks!

  8. The Magnus has failed me in 3 areas 1) it advertises +/- 5% approx power. However Magnus is routinely 8-10 % lower than my Powertap Wheel ( comparisons were done side by side) even after following all the recommended warmup and calibration using CVT app; 2) when +5% gradient my Wheel slips and squeaks – I have the yellow tension knob 'clicked' 3) slow transition between gradient changes. My store stated some knobs are faulty so I pick my new one tomorrow and supposedly a firmware update is forthcoming. My experience with Magnus has been dreadful thus far

  9. thanks for the video! I just picked up and started riding mine.

    I hope your planning on tightening the bolt holding the powerhead on the trainer frame, it is sticking out half way! it is likely digging into the plastic inside the bushing and tilting the roller. you should really make sure it is threaded into the rectangular nut that inserts into a pocket next to the slot the frame bracket tab slips into.

    LOVE the collection of torque wrenches on the wall.

  10. hi..question….can i use my street normal tire on the trainer instead of training tyre…..will it hurt the normal tyre ?


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