Just to prove how harmful and unsafe it is to wear a local unbranded helmet, we at Motown India conducted a simple crash test with a sledgehammer. Boy! We were shocked by the results.

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  1. very useful vedio ?? Really the local helemts in india are so bad and shit also it will help to kill you when you driving !!!

  2. Pls do hammer test for some imported helmets- like smk, ls2, THH, sol, mt.i have heard that an person died in smk brand helmet.

  3. Great video. ISI should not only see this video but the ones who gave the certification should be prosecuted heavily. Such criminals dont deserve to be in such positions in India of 2017.

  4. Mera helmet studds vala hai bas black clr ka hai I m proud of it ?✌
    525 dislikes yea sab log local helmets vale hai ??

  5. Nice video…..great practical info abt helmets..? i was thinking abt purchasing helmet local or branded….this video as given best info abt helmets.

  6. Hello!! Sometime tell me how is the SMK HELMET, because in Europe it's not a famous brand and would to like to buy the SMK GLIDE. Thanks a lot !!


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