I have been running this hitch mounted bike rack for a while now and love it. I can fit my mountain bike, my road bike, and my kids bikes no problem.

In this video about hitch mounted bike racks, I go over the pros and cons of having a hitch mounted rack. I explain how they mount on and my overall thoughts on my experience with this bike rack.

this bike rack is one of the more expensive racks out there, but buying a roof mounted rack might run you even more and I talked about why I’m not a fan of those.

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  1. Dude, I just looked at your bike falling off the old walmart bike rack. Turns out you put the rack on upside down, and that's why your bike fell off.

  2. The newest Saris Freedom 4x *does* allow for SUV tailgates to open/close with the "first" (closest to number) rack occupied by a bike. And thank Sweet Jesus Riding A Bicycle for the improvement.

  3. Oh – the reason you wanna avoid hanging carbon frames by the frame: carbon fiber is SUPER stiff in only one direction. So manufacturers use this feature to create ultra stiff frames while minimizing weight (read: material); in some parts of a frame, the carbon fiber may only be 3-5mm in thickness (not a typo…mm!). So while it's strong enough to carry a grown man's weight plus the many forces he exerts on the bike during normal use, he could push with one finger on some parts of his frame and punch through. Albeit he would have to push pretty hard. Still, that's why you don't want to hang, store, or mount a carbon frame by the frame. Lean against rear wheel, maybe saddle and hoods if you don't care much about those, mechanic stand by the seat post, and ONLY racks that secure wheels or forks!!! Can you get away with frame-mounted racks?… sure… right up until you can't.

  4. NOTE The rack actually does tilt away from the tailgate when fully loaded with bikes. If you take out that little pin where the tilting mechanism is, you just push the lever down and the bikes will fold away to give you hatch access ( https://youtu.be/bSymZloS8V0?t=1m12s ). I had no clue it did this, so thats cool.

  5. How do you lock your bike on this rack? I'm always terrified someone's going to walk off with my bike so I run some cable locks through my current (hanging, not hitch) rack.

    It seems like some Saris offerings give you locking mechanism but other's don't.

  6. Great review as always, I have the 1up hitch mounted rack and love it as well. I have had top tube crack from hanging off my $40 rack before I spent the $ on a nice rack. But def worth it. peace of mind is a mother fucker

  7. Thule has a hitch mounted 4 bike rack that tilts back to allow opening and closing the tailgate.
    If I remember correctly, it cost about the same also.

  8. My father has whacked his trek madrone 9 series with full sram red 22s into the garage roof not ONCE, but TWICE!!!! But insurance covers it… luckily

  9. If I were the driver of that SUV with bikes on rack and I saw a vehicle behind me speeding up so fast that the collision is unavoidable I would honestly turn to the left lane risking frontal impact from the upcoming traffic at least hoping that the air bag would saved my life but also save my bikes in back #FOODFORTHOUGHT

  10. Great review. I have this rack and I think it's great. I carry 2 heavy e-bikes for my wife and son, and my road bike. Easy on and easy off and no worries.


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