Here is how to adjust Rockshox mountain bike forks yourself. In this video I am adjusting a Rockshox recon silver mountain bike fork with an air spring, and I show you how much air you need to put into the fork depending on your body weight. I also show you how to adjust the compression and rebound settings on a rock shocks air suspension mountain bike fork.


  1. My Huffy doesn't really have anything that's adjustable, but it peddles a lot easier than my more expensive Kawasaki KDX that has lots of adjustabilities.

  2. I'm upgrading from a SR suntour xcm and looking for a budget fork. In terms of reliability and lower maintenance should I go with a coil Rockshox 30 Silver TK or air Rockshox Recon Silver RL?

  3. Hi I cant find any info on the internet about how many clicks can you adjust the rebound. Is it only like 4 cliks from rabbit to the turtle or more? All other forks seems to have at least 10+ clicks from boing boing boing to the turtle. Not sure if with mine is everything ok. Thanks for the info. Got a Trek x Caliber 9 2017 model for 450 euros last week with this fork.

  4. I got a problem with mine(rockshox) after wash the bike I tried to take out the air then after that I can’t pump in the air back in.
    The air just doesn’t go in.
    Anyone can help?


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