Welcome to the How to Series for all of the 6KU product line.

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Tools you will need are:
15mm Wrench
15mm Pedal Wrench
4mm, 5mm, and 6mm Allen Key
Air Pump with compatible Presta Valve

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  1. "We did all the hard work for you." "You can assemble the rest with ordinary tools." Says that we need a lock-ring and chain-whip to ride fixed gear Claps

  2. It's a shame I can't buy this bike directly from 6KU here in the Netherlands as I could be able to in the US. I seriously want one of your fixies but the retail price here in Europe is 348 Euros which is almost 400 USD. Basicly double of what you sell the bikes for in the US. There are many other brands of bikes here that I could buy cheaper, but none of them with good reviews like 6KU. It really is a damn shame.


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