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Similar to mountain bikes themselves, there are many types of helmets intended to be used for many different areas of the sport. If you’re wandering what type of helmet is better for your preferred discipline, then check out Neil’s guide on how to choose the right one for you!

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Not too sure of the differences between a Downhill and a cross country helmet? Are you dirt jumping in a trail bike helmet and riding to the shops in a full face? This video is intended to help you find the right helmet for your discipline.

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  1. MIPS certified helmets are kind of cool new tech (multi directional impact protection). I just got a Bell helmet that's like the enduro trail helmet as far as cut and venting but it also has a detachable chin bar to make it full face. Also MIPS certified.

  2. Most important question was not answered. Is there any significant protection difference, between a 30$ and a 130$ helmet ?

  3. Hi guys, would you help me plz? I wonder what tires do I need for my Mondraker Vantage 150mm fork Enduro Hardtail bike. Thx 😀

  4. I started understanding why is important a helmet full face since 8 years ago when I was a BMX rider in Bogotá Colombia, I had an accident and I was wearing my full face helmet without googles, this crash was so hard, that i understood that even using a helmet this hurts, but my head was protected, then when I started as a mountain biker I started using the helmet always, I have been traveling to different towns and cities in the country were I live with my helmet and I've been accustomed to mantain a internal temperaure, when I'm climbing at 7 or 10 Km/h I quit my googles but when I'm riding around 15 and more Km/h, I use my googles.
    I usually have my helmet minimum 2 hours to 4 hours on each ride, riding more than 40 Km of distance. I wonder how a lot of people take this like a joke, riding bikes "folcloricamente" without protection or signal like lights.
    I have learn that the body and the healt is something important, also as a race driver I learn the big importance of a roll cage. the same thing that the helmet but in cars, something that a lot of people don´t know.

  5. So why can i get a helmet for like $20 at the local big box store, yet if i went to "proper" store, suddenly what seems like the same helmet is three times the price? What gives?

  6. Can I or should I use a road helmet for xc? The main difference I see between mtb and road helmets are the sun visors but you don't see many of them in xc races so is there more to it or is it just down to preference?

  7. I gravel ride, level single tracks, nothing too gnarly. Cross Country or Road? I ride with POC Octal (MIPS).

  8. My friend called me a pussy for wearing a full face. A couple weeks later he came off his bike and broke his jaw and half his teeth are gone now.

  9. Poc's stuff is way overpriced to me. Maybe not the helmets, but they want 160$ for a nike type athletic shirt and 200$ for a pair of mtb shorts.

  10. Which one of these helmets would work well with a Recumbent Trike with a head rest. It is really uncomfortable when the dial down retention presses into the back of the head when you lean into the headrest. Thanks for the advice. Nice review.


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