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  1. Curious what you think on the mini-pump vs CO2 cartridge debate. You noted that the largest bag was able to carry a mini-pump, but it'd be nice to compare vs a couple CO2 cartridges and an adapter for them.

  2. I have the cheap scicon and I love it. I'm more of a racey type tho. In that bag I carry a tube, patches, an a topeak tool that has levers chain breaker and spoke keys. The pump I carry on the frame and phone, food, money and cards in my jersey pockets. I've never felt the bag bouncing and don't get any noise. Plus in my opinion it looks better on the bike (though I'd prefer no saddle bag of course)

  3. Great review!
    I really need a water proof one as I have to carry keys and fobs for two offices, as well as home.
    Also, I need to have my wallet for places I may stop for a respite which don't have ApplePay.
    BTW, I use a road bike and I'm not ashamed of my saddle bag – it's got my tube (s), the CO2 inflator, the tire removal tools and all of the above.
    Thanks! 🙂

  4. I like the Norco Saddlebags. Some bags need to have the wraps twistet 2 times around the metal at the saddle in order to get it tight enough, thats the only downside, sits well but are annoying when putting the bag on. I do that on a smaller one from Lezyne also. Seem its common problem among saddlebag producents to make the straps to long and not have the option to adjust properly, so the bag can be tightened totally. Well, good we cyclists are creative then 😉

  5. I have some Topeak saddlebag like that in video. I think that is larger model. Don't know exactly. But it is to large. I touch it with my leg. Problem will be that clip-on. It doesn't fit on my second saddle. Rails are to narrow. It is good idea to check that before buying.

  6. I have Airwave Classic (M-size), it's looks very quality and solid like topeak, but can be extended in 1/3 times. Hightly recomended!

  7. Not too many people running 26 tubes. Need larger size for 29er..Also Co2,"s 20 or 25 gr. and multi tool with chain breaker. Phone too. Give me something bigger with some added tools. LARGE!!

  8. I have quite similar to that Sicon bag, probably even a bit smaller one from Force on my road bike and I’m happy with it. I’m able to put inside my road inner tube, tire levers, small Force multitool (which includes hexkeys, flat-head and philips screwdriver, Torx T25 and spoke wreches), small, but very functional Force chaintool (it looks like the regular workshop one, just it’s much smaller), patches for inner tube and a key to my house and maybe I could fit there some more small thing (like for example some small cash or if I run tubeless, than valvue core remover would fit there absolutely fine). Removing it off the bike every time I want to take something out from the saddle bag is no problem for me, because it’s super quick and easy to put it back on the bike (after a bit of practice, you’re able to do that in like 20 seconds). And if you put it on the bike correctly, you get absolutely no rubbing at all. I carry my phone and ID in my jersey pocket. For road bike, this works brilliant for me, but for MTB I need something bigger (like another bag from Force, which was not so good quality and got broken a few weeks ago and now I have to find some alternative for it).


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