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A Hybrid bike is made for versatility and is a great compromise between a road and mountain bike. Knowing how to find the right size hybrid bike for you is important and can affect how you ride the bike. Feeling totally safe and in control on your bike has a lot to do with buying the right size so it’s worth finding out how to get it spot on.

For a guide on how you can find the right size hybrid bike watch this how to video.


  1. length of seat tube, add post length required, add saddle dimension (top to fix point), add length of crank . . is this within inside leg measurement? Then, when seated, can my tip toes touch the ground? Let's rethink the whole subject of frame sizes!

  2. I'm 6'0 tall, I don't ride bikes a lot, but I'm planning on gettin one, will this bike for me?

    32.5 S.O.
    Nishiki meridian?

  3. I am about 5'9 3/4 inches and i prefer a large frame. I go for more of a performance lean over being more upright. I just purchased the 2017 Cannondale Quick4. Took it out for a test run before purchase and the large felt great. Awesome bike btw. Mine is the Acid Green. Can't wait to pick the badboy up from the shop and start putting up some miles ?

  4. Wow this is the 1st time i have heard of the Ape Index – thks for that! My height means i am supposed to be ok either with an M or L sized frame but with this Ape Index i know now why i am slightly more comfy on an L frame haha

  5. Easier to know if it was likely to have a comfortable "stem height." If knew where it is measured at. I suppose I'll find it somewhere.


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