Here is how to put new hand grips on your bike. To make bike handgrips easy to slide onto the handlebars, use rubbing alcohol. It will make the hand grips slide on easily, and then it evaporates so the rubber can grip to the handlebars without slipping. In this video I show how to install new hand grips on my son’s BMX bicycle.


  1. I always used spray paint. Spray in the grip and a little on the bars. (Making sure you get the same color of paint) and slide it on and when the paint dries it won't slip

  2. I have matte black paint. Will the alcohol eat away the paint I have. Does matte make a difference? Please tell me quick!

  3. Wow. But seriously, 200 people all have to say that they were put on backwards? Just like the first persons comment.

  4. I put my grip on dry I just tap it on the end and it slides on I don't know how but it goes on easy for me

  5. works great to clean the bike too! and you may catch a slight buzz off the fumes. Its an excellent product, should be part of any bike enthusiast's tool set.

  6. You saved me so much time. I put in the isopropanol in my ody longsleve XL which are long as hell, in few minutes it was all fixed and tight.

  7. i stuck the grip over my 2 inch punisher & jerked off w it, creamed in it, and put it on my bars the other one i had to use my sisters hair moose though

  8. Ah, brilliant. I'm putting together my new bike right now, and finding pretty much all the info I need on youtube. This was the last piece of the puzzle, thanks alot:)

  9. Just watched your video, followed the instructions and couldn't believe how easy it was to
    get the new grips on. Thanks for a great video. 🙂

  10. Thank you! You saved my husband a lot of work putting grips on my cruiser bike! He's already spent about half an hour and couldn't get them on more than a quarter of the way. I got the alcohol and they just slipped right on.


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