Turbo trainers or ergo trainers are great training tools. Here are GCN’s tips for setting yours up.
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Turbo trainers are a great way to keep in shape if you don’t always have the time or inclination to train outdoors. You can make turbo training easier on your bike and surroundings with GCN’s top tips. Once you’ve got everything in place, check out one of our training videos!

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  1. If you need a cheap mount for a smartphone on your bike, a mid size hose clamp works very well. Just tighten it on a handlebar or tube and put your phone inside.

  2. Huh; you said you would do a video on this subject when I asked…and then you did. 

    That isn't fair. I like to maintain a healthy attitude of grievance against the world, and you are ruining it by making good things about stuff I like.

  3. I've attempted to stand to give some relief, and frankly mimic hills, in the trainer just like I would on a spin bike. But besides shifting gears to provide the required more resistance, it felt very awkward, not only compared to spin bike, but real road hill. Not like I could do an extend hill of 3-4 min standing. Am I missing something, is it just not a good idea, or you can, but it'll always feel very different? Thanks.

  4. Yoga mat from tesco is way cheaper than swanky elite one. Remember to stand up off saddle every 5 minutes to keep blood flow. That's all I got…

  5. i bought a trainer but my tire seems to big,the quick release bolt is a good 2 or 3 inches above the trainer mount with rear tire already hitting the roller. do i just need a smaller tire or did i just waste some money?

  6. Hi there, I have noticed the last couple of times I've used my trainer the pedals are very jerky and stop start both in higher and lower gears. Is there a way of stopping this with my current trainer?

  7. My LBS tells me not to put my BMC Teammachine on my turbo trainer as the stiffness of the frame means not being able to rock will wreck it. Are they crazy?

  8. I just had an interesting thought.  If you had an electronic bike that uses simple resistance or regenerative breaking to build up energy in the battery, for use in assisting later, could you set it to one of those charging modes to adjust the resistance of the total setup?

    Has anybody in GCN tried setting up that type of e-bike with a trainer to see what that's like?

    I smell a great GCN science project.

  9. I would like to know if there is a typical/recommended gear setup, for an indoor trainer? Or front/rear chain ring tooth setup, e.g. 53X13, at 90 rpm, for 250 W output?

  10. Ok i was going to buy one for my bike and now im piss off.
    I have a single speed road bike and there is no speed clamp on the wheel.
    Is there a way to be able to use it?
    Or will i have to use rollers? Please help

  11. I like Dan’s recommendations for the books to use for the front wheel elevation.  I can’t see any other use for those two books.

  12. I'm looking to set up a turbo trainer for use with a mountain bike but not sure I want the hassle of regularly changing the rear tyre, especially when I prefer a tubeless set up. Is it best to buy a spare wheel? Also, looks like I might also need to sacrifice the thru-axle currently on the bike?

  13. Thanks a lot for the video! I already signed up on your channel. Many greetings from Germany, Bavaria, Donauwörth!

  14. Best tip for using a turbo trainer: Don't use a turbo trainer. Harden up, get outside, and put miles on your bike. Being outside when the weather is crap makes you that much more resilient.

  15. I've just got first trainer ..and on second go I noticed a lot rubber on mat ..
    how much pressure or how tight should I put the roller to tyre please ??

  16. any recommendations for a fan to use with my turbo? i'm suffering big time – and am hoping it's more to do with me overheating than just being really crap and unfit!

  17. Hello from Belarus! A lot of thanks, guys! 
    I bought Tacx Blue Matic with Conti Home trainer. How strong I must hold magnetic resistance with tyres? (i mean not efforts lvl) I use it 2 weeks, and tyre still give trash (little black peaces everywhere!).
    I trying all positions, but still the same. I scared about maybe after 1-2 weeks more, tyre will can damage? Help, please!


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