1. Thanks for posting this! I've ordered this from Walmart this past Friday and am waiting for it to arrive! It looks GREAT! Thanks for the review!

  2. Hey tell me what you think about this bike. I have to say I LOVED the look of this bike when I first found it. It took my breath away. My son also loved it and he picked it out of the crowd of bikes also.

  3. I have the ''mens'' 26 inch panama cruiser bike. Which is featured in a orange and black color scheme. Not a bad bike pursay quality wise. Other than the dumb people at walmart that assemble the bike I dont have many complaints. Well just a few… lol..

    The wood grips are kinda cheap. Me and my wife were at the grocerie store and I had my bike standing up and it fell over and hit the ground and the lil cheap grip totally ripped. I replaced it with some nice comfey cruiser ''Bell'' grips

  4. also the pedals are a bit cheap looking. I am looking to replace those with some steal or chrome pedals. Very nice seats I must add that come equipted on these bikes. That would be my fav purk about the bike in all. The frame has got a unique build. Pretty good craftsmanship as far as the eye can see. Standard rearwheel hub assembly I would say. But it does the job. Would prefer this bike have a hand brake and gears and then it would be the perfect bike.

  5. im a girl, but i bought the men's (brown is more my colour) and i love the ride, so comfy…so many compliments as well…all i need is a basket for the back or the side, any suggestions? im in toronto canada

  6. Bought this @ W-mart about a year ago. No complaints. LOTS of compliments. Bought saddlebags ("Avenir Metro Panniers" on Amazon) that fit NICE over the rack–will carry 4 GALLONS of milk (no lie), PLUS two extra side pockets. Never ridden ON the beach, but TO the beach several times (4 miles away), and take it regularly to go nite grocery shopping (2 miles away). If buying from W-mart, I suggest pulling down several and walking them down the aisle to see which one has the tires mounted straight.

  7. Rack does NOT come off–is a welded-on part of the frame…and probably actually adds a degree of stability. It certainly comes in VERY handy for me, carrying stuff safely out of sight, out of the way, and NOT on the handlebars where it can restrict turn radius and throw the bike off balance..

  8. Hi, could anyone tell me if it's fairly easy to disassemble the bike for transport? At least just taking off one wheel.ย 

  9. I know this is two years later but I got a men's gloss black beautiful one just like that but with more design and detail it comes with a luggage bag on the front and a cup holder too it is the most beautiful bike I've ever seen it was $170 at Walmart I got it today

  10. yeah love that studio bike it great I ride it on lot's at studio 's here in Hollywood yes huffy 26 Inc Panama jack cruiser great for grip work๐Ÿ˜

  11. I can't find this bike anywhere ๐Ÿ™ I'm trying so hard to purchase it but I think it's been discontinued


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