I had a budget of $5000 for my Alaska adventure bike, and got both Katsumi AND this BMW R1150R for the price of one! One is a dirt bike, the other is a road bike… combined, they’re they ultimate adventure machine, right? Can this thing handle off road riding?

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  1. Hey everide, if you're going to Alaska you have to go through the Yukon. I live in the Yukon and know lots of good roads, trails, burger joints and hotels around here. Let me know when you're headed up!

  2. Depending on the itinerary, that should be a great bike for your Alaska trip. I took my elderly GS 450S from 29 Palms, CA to Prudhoe Bay, using I15 to the border, the only offroad portions were on roads being repaired in Canada and the Dalton Highway North of Fairbanks. Hairy riding because of the long stretches of gravel. It would be hard to find more beautiful scenery, your home area excepted. Some stretches of the Dalton Highway were nerve-wracking to ride because of the really deep, wet gravel mixed with the snotty consistency of the Calcium Carbonate binder, which packs up in the fenders and wheels. The Alaska state bird was a factor whenever stopping north of the Atigun Pass, be prepared! I hope you have a riding buddy, it helps to have assistance when returning the bike to the upright position. 😋

  3. God I do love your channel but why don,t you Americans get with the times and use KG,s and cm , mm instead of inch,s and pounds like most of the western world. " could you at least use both weights when describing that ( Canada even uses KG,s ) this will at least save me from going into the conversation table ! ,Im from Australia and we changed ours in 1966

  4. Tyler you'd be fine on 1150R in Alaska/Yukon/NT as long as you are not planning assult on Canol or Nabesna. My son rode on Ninja and there are many cruisers/Goldwings which made to Deadhorse.

    The biggest issue you find is lack of adventure front tires in 17" and inability of road tires to cope with shale which is ground to gravel and used in some places like Dempster and Tylor hwy.

    TKC80, TKC70, Shinko 705 come in 17" and could be paired with long lasting rear like Mitas E07 or Heidi K60 Scout. EDIT: and yes get skid plate for those paved sections of Dalton.. they are worse than dirt

  5. 14 min of you saying “the bike is no good for this” voicing over at least 7min of video of the bike doing it. Of YOU doing it.

  6. Congratulations on your new rides! A friend of mine got me watching your vids and I recently bought a DLR650 Wee-Strom XT. I blame it on your amazing sweeping drone footage!

  7. I've put 50k commuting miles on a R850R which is now at 82K miles. Other than front and rear brake discs, clutch, rear shock and seat cover it's as was when it came out of the factory. With a good service every year it's the most reliable bike I've ever owned and by far the cheapest. Shaft drive is maintenance free. The 1150 is a no brainer – for the price you paid you've got the perfect adventure machine. It'll do all that you ask of it leaving you stress free and with enough money in your pocket for a beer at the end of every day.

  8. @everide seriously a week ago after I saw you at the shop I thought it’d be cool to go on a street ride too. Now we can. Let’s motor up the paved road. FJR1300

  9. That’s a great bike for dirt roads when you put the right tires on it! Only downside is the wind blast is greater than a GS.

  10. I have been watching your channel for some time now and seeing you grow in your riding. I must say it about time and now you really get it. Please stay true to this video and hope you have many more adventures.

  11. I've owned my BMW R1150R since 2003 and have taken many enjoyable trips around the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain Region including Canada on the bike. I have a few of the rides documented on my YouTube channel "Wheel Stories". I'm not wild about riding it in the dirt and gravel but have done so several times after taking a wrong turn or misinterpreting the type of road on the map. It's an excellent machine, good for touring and long distance rides, but with the roadster look and style which I prefer. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Congratulations on your new bike. I had a 2004 R1150GS. Great road bike, but unless your riding with others it's really not a good idea to to ride off road, which of coarse is the way I ride most of the time. Couple things to be aware of is in the dirt the gearing is way to tall. That comes into play on long down hills which forces you to rely on your brakes to much. I had my brakes go out on Shaffer trail Moab. I had to turn off the engine and leave the clutch engaged to stop. Second the weight in sand can really get you stuck. Try muscling that bike around with gear on it. Lastly and for me the most dangerous is the power, It's to addictive. After blowing off a guy on a new Ducati sport bike on one of Maui's many winding roads. I realized I'm not capable of staying off the throttle. I'm to old for that stuff. I traded down to a CRF250 L. All that said Your going to love the R1150 especially for the trip to Alaska. Go with someone if you can because the things you'll see just need to be shared. I went with a friend from Austin to Ketchikan and back in1974, and had one of the best trips of my life. If you can take a couple of months to do it. If it's not about the journey what's the point? Aloha

  13. superb video, bro! One of the best ones yet! I really want to get that 500x i've talked about. Ahhh maybe when I have money again hah!

  14. I live vicariously through your videos! Keep up the great work! Maybe one day when the kids are a bit older I’ll get back on 2 wheels.

  15. Interesting choice for somebody like you! I would agree though for touring the US and go to Alaska it's perfect. I rode an R1200GS from Anchorage to the arctic circle and it was an amazing experience, I can't way to go back.
    Though I do think the arctic circle will be a bit of a tough trip for this R1150R. About 100 or so miles north of the most northern normal town on the Dalton HWY the road tires to dirt/gravel/mud, and that can prove a bit difficult for bikes like this. That being said, it's not a trail, it's just a haul road, tractor trailers go up/down this HWY all day, so it'll be a bit difficult for the R, but it'll do it I say.

  16. haha I've been looking into one of these or an 1100rt too 😊 thinking about some trips all the way around aus.
    what year are you thinking of riding to Alaska? I'm here at the moment in a car and would love to do it on a bike some day in the future 🤔

  17. You scored a great deal, Tyler! But it seems that the word "adventure" has been diluted. Certainly, any ride can be considered an "adventure" since you're not sitting on your couch but how about we distinguish a ride on pavement as a "road trip" from a ride primarily off-road as an "adventure". Nearly anyone can ride on pavement but the universe of riders tackling the double-track less-traveled is smaller and those who venture to obscure countries ending in -stan are in rarified company. Just a thought from an aspiring adventurer. Keep up the creative work!

  18. Thanks for the vid buddy. C'mon, Dude, that's not a fair trial, at least adjust the suspension, get some on/off or knobblys on it and get the bars up a bit- you'd still be able to enjoy the tarmac but get a much better view about how it is off the blacktop.
    -Enjoy your channel a lot. Keep riding!

  19. i ride alone all the time off road , on road dual sporting / adventuring , id rather , or at least always have , take an off road oriented machine and try to add comfort than the other way around ? but then ive not yet gone on that long and far a trip.. for the money spent that does seem like a whole lot of machine though !? i havent owned a road only going machine in a long time , hmm

  20. Great vid as always mate. but… nah. If you are getting up into Alaska, you ARE going to see routs and stuff that you will want to explore to see more and enjoy more of the wilderness. The best adventure bike is one that is comfortable on any terrain, easily gobbling up miles, easily flicked around on steep twisties and easily soaking up rocks, ruts, sand and river crossings. i.e. any powerful dual sport (ktm 690, drz'z etc … / africa twin (if you have the cash and can handle to huge weight) / bmw dakar 650 (great option for less money and lower weight) etc etc

    In fact your modified kawa 350 would be perfect with the right sprockets, 50:50 wheels, a good seat, size racks and added touring lights. I use my modded klx 330 for huge trips, it cruises well at 130kmph and is perfect for exploring the rough areas. Would much rather a trip on one of these than the big heavy road only BM… (maybe when im 60 i'll have a different take ha!)

  21. I have the black version, single spark. It's so good. You should use some bar raiser to increase comfort and standing up capabilites. I don't do off-road with it. But for the rest is amazing. Panniers and a screen, and you can do touring like a boss. Strip it, and it's a naked, fast enough, characterful. O really love the bmw r 1150 r

  22. My old 87' K100 RT had 125,000 miles on it. Loved it but eventually sold it. You won't regret this purchase.

  23. Funny thing is that nearly 40 years ago the term ADVENTURE was not used, you went for a ride or if you covered lots of miles it was a bit of a tour.

    Along come Ewan and Charlie and all of a sudden the word adventure arrives and kicks of a whole new class of motorcycles and ideas of what an adventure is.

    Riding anywhere can be an adventure on any bike but to me it is just a ride, over landing is a better term to describe what a cross country or world travel is rather than an adventure ride or if you stick to the black stuff call it what it always has been called TOURING.

    Adventure to me is something that takes you out of you comfort zone, to see and do things that you would not do or see in everyday life, getting to a place that is not visited by thousands of tourists every year, camping in the wilderness, basically breaking the norm.

    I dislike the term adventure bike, it has become such a fashion word now it has lost its meaning.

  24. Sold my 2003 BMW 1150 GSA to my friend in 2011… Just bought it back last month… Love having the old girl back..

  25. My all time favorite thing with your channel is that you don't focus on the newest motorcycles. You do reviews of yesteryear's bikes. Instead of creating consumerism you encourage using what's already here. Thank you.

  26. Welcome to the BMW Motorad world! Great bike to choose for you! You will eat some miles with a smile on your face on that one!

  27. Hey.. you make great videos. Speaking of Dual Sports… Have you checked out the Royal Enfield Himalayan?
    Do take it out for a spin.. I'm sure you'll like it.

  28. When are you planning your trip to Alaska Tyler?
    I am in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. Calgary may likely be on your way to Alaska, and you are invited to stay in my house on your way to there and/or back. You could also send stuff to my address if needed and use my garage and tools as well if needed.This will be an amazing journey and I am sure you will like it. Check my FB page for my trip to Alaska below if you wish. I rode it on a Kawasaki Concours 14 – not the most appropriate bike for that, but still made it to Dead Horse.

  29. Great video dude! It's weird to see you on a road bike, but you totally nailed it with your view of adventure. Can't wait to see the Alaska trip!

  30. Thats basically all an ADV bike is, in reality. MFGs throw knobbies on a street bike and contrive this entire "adv" Market. Very genious marketing scheme. They didnt even have to build anything new. Just warmed over some lame road bikes and people fell for it.

  31. Howdy! Thank you for making this video. Strangely enough I bought myself an r1150r a year ago and absolutely love it! Yea it's not perfect but its charm and character more than make up for it. I have been, however been dreaming of taking it on fire trails to see the Sierra Mountains and Mendocino National Forest. I was thinking of installing the protection you suggested as well as a raised handlebar and nobby tires. My question to you is do you think the suspension needs to be replaced or upgraded to survive fire roads? I'm trying to budget out how much it would be to "scrambler-ify" my bike. I was thinking of getting the GS but prefer the R because I'm mostly using it on road (its my only vehicle). I cannot wait to hear your findings on your Alaska adventure! Keep us tuned!

  32. Awesome video as usual and seems like a good choice for Alaska.I read about a guy that did Alaska on a TW200, so there is really no right or wrong bike. Just ride what you have. I always enjoy the commentary. Any chance of getting a list of the fire roads and trails from this video?


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