ICAN SN04 review. Fabulous full carbon, full suspension fat bike. This bike can be used anywhere anytime. Excellent quality and craftsmanship. This is my sixth bike from Ican, and each has been fantastic.

Unlike the Salsa Bucksaw or Trek Fuel EX, this is a true fat bike. This is the only full suspension fat bike that can accommodate tires over 4.0″. There are rigid fat bikes that can run tires bigger than 4.0″, but no other full suspension fat bikes.

It has 120mm of travel in the front and rear. 15×150 thru axle up front with 12×197 thru axle in the rear.

The bike is solid and rides like the best full suspension bikes from any other manufacturer.

I love it, and can’t wait for the summer to let it really run free.

If you need more information, please click on the link below:


  1. I have been running an SN04 for around 8 months now. It's my third ICAN bike.
    In fact ICAN has photos of my actual bike on the SN04 page of their website.

    I love it, but I have one observation:
    I'm running JJ 4.8s on the SN04, and when I land jumps, the "knobs" foul the suspension pivots. They are fine otherwise, but not during landings.

    Considering switching to JJ 4.4s for next summer.

  2. Hi mate,
    Very nice looking bike. What size it is? 16 or 18"?
    I'm 5'10.5" and not sure if 18" is not going to be slightly too small for me.


  3. Nice bike! I read in your comment that you'd prefer non ebike set up but for someone that wants this full sus with the mid drive motor, do you think the rear swing arm is away enough from the BB that it will clear say a… Bafang BBSHD?

  4. Howie, I'm building a bike using either the SN01 or SN02, I'm leaning towards the SN01 . . . probably. But I'm noticing all the bottom brackets I find are 100mm and not 120mm. Your bike the SN04 also has a 120mm bottom bracket so which model bottom bracket did you buy? I REALLY NEED TO KNOW BEFORE I MAKE MY DECISION. THANK YOU.

  5. Hello i have the malamute complet bike by ican and i just want to know for the rear shock do you have reason for instal the stanshion upside because mine not instal like that thank you and on mine i have a set of summer wheel 50mm 27.5×3.0 very good bike for 4 season ??

  6. Hello Howie, Nice video. Do you have any recommendations regarding frame size?
     I think the right size for me would be 19", but I have to choose between 18" or 20" 🙂

  7. I have the same frame and broke my seat stay both side in less than 40miles of riding and only 180 days of owning this kind of frame. Very thin carbon meterial on the seat stay. Dangerous bike frame to have.


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