The 2018 IZIP E3 Zuma is a value-priced cruiser from a larger trusted company, available in a high-step and mid-step frame styles with one color pattern for each (white or metallic gray). Efficient mid-drive motor keeps weight low and center, the battery clicks in from the left and can be charged on or off the frame, pre-wired for lights, optional trigger throttle works from standstill. Decent mechanical 160 mm disc brakes, aluminum paint-matched chain cover keeps your pants clean, larger balloon tires add comfort along with the swept-back steel handlebar and larger saddle. Great pedals and kickstand, mounting points for adding fenders but not a bottle cage or rear rack, basic 7-speed drivetrain with oversized Shimano thumb shifter, two-step on/off process, some wires exposed below motor casing.


  1. Odd looking frames but I can see how they would be functional with making it easier to get on the bike. I am glad that Currie Technologies is still producing ebikes. I just wish they would come out with a new and improved version of the IZIP Express.

  2. Love the indigenous patterns on the right cruiser. Like the ability to have integrated lights. Do not like the vulnerable underbelly wire. Love fat tires and seat. "IZIP around town a lot."

  3. Nice review as always.. It gave me some great talking and selling points for today! The Retroglide has really grown on me this year, I find it to be my go to bike for riding along on test rides. Thanks Court

  4. Nice Review again. Your Videos are my Highlight on yt. I love my ebike and i think the money is well spent. πŸ™‚

  5. I am really against the his and hers definitions. A bike is a bike. But that is just me. I say this because people should buy the bike they are comfortable with, and not be drawn away from their initial choice because of the sex differentiation, which is basically an artificial thing anyway. Well, there is my argument. I love the look of the Retroglide. I can't tell the difference between those colors, I am color blind.

  6. Thanks so much for all you do, Court! I just bought the bulls urban evo after watching hours and hours of your videos. Sad that it doesn't come with a cafe lock, though. Any recommendations for an aftermarket one that will fit the bikes 2" tires? Also they just fit on any bike or do I have to find a specific size? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  7. Coming from someone who has previously purchased and abused the crap out of IZip electric bikes… Don't believe the mileage provided by the company. The mileage NEVER lasts as long as it says it does, and the battery degregation is significant over time, significant to the tune of over 50% degregation over a 2 year period, less than 3000 miles used overall. So i'd suggest seriously testing an izip bike mileage wise before quoting the assist approximate. On a side note, my new Haibike never lies to me, and the mileage is way better than the approximate. A much better company for electric bikes I.m.o.


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