The Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S is an affordable yet feature-rich electric fat bike with higher speed operation, advanced torque + cadence pedal assist, trigger throttle power on demand, and a great display panel. Available in three frame sizes and three color options! You get large plastic fenders and a custom rear rack with pannier hangars on the sides as well as a super-bright integrated headlight. Off-brand 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes provide good stoping power as well as motor inhibitors to keep you safe, off-brand suspension fork improves comfort and includes lockout but uses a 9 mm skewer vs. sturdy thru-axle. Very heavy at 71+ lbs, the rims aren’t punched out to save weight, only sold online so there’s extra effort in receiving, building, and getting support, throttle power felt a little weak, rear light is independent.


  1. I would appreciate a Thule commercial, actually. I've been looking for a big bike rack like this for my Voltbike Yukon! 🙂

  2. Rip weight is 70.9lbs. Rad weight is 66.5lbs. Difference= 4.4lbs.
    This is such a small percentage of total weight, it's literally moot. Carry a water bottle and a tool kit, go tubeless with heavier tires and a bag, wear a winter coat, eat tacos the night before … any of this levels the playing field.

  3. I have the crosscurrent S and I love it. The torque sensor is great. But it too is similar in that the fenders do make rattle noises when you hit bumps. Though it's not terrible, Juiced should design upgrades available on the site for people who want better fenders.

  4. It think more homework should be done on the review. The weight is only four pounds more then the Rad rover and that's because of the 52 V 21amh battery, not 48v 21amh and you get twice the distance then the Rover does so four pounds you be the judge. Could not see much on the short ride to tell.

  5. There's at least 2 important RCS features that have not been discussed at all. 1. When starting off, If you peg the throttle, you get over 1000w of assist to get you moving fast. I believe it doesn't matter what assist level your in, but I do think being in an appropriate "start off" gear would be a good idea, just like a non-powered bike. 2. The damn bike has CRUISE CONTROL!!!

  6. From the video, this particular demo bike does not appear to be running quite correctly. I did notice the cables are twisted in the images and I would check the barrel connectors on the throttle side.

    These things are transported around rather roughly and may have some damage from getting bumped around, hard to tell. We have been testing it for several months now with 48V and 52V with GPS and its an absolute rocket. It is running the exact same assist algorithms and torque and cadence sensors as the CrossCurrent S so we are confident in the product. On the road it matches the performance of the CCS at 48V. With the 52V pack the RCS runs away from the CCS.

    Sometimes when new things are getting demoed they might not work optimally. On top of this we are working on a extremely limited time schedule with lots of orders to get out and production to ramp up here in China.

    I think Court is very fair and we have to do a better job on the time schedule and not rush things out. But to be honest, we are working flat-out and this is a extremely aggressive product in terms of development done on it.

    It is the only class 3 geared hub fat bike available on the market, one of the few torque sensing pedal assist in this category, the only bike to properly leap to the 52V platform, the fastest recharging battery, while simultaneously having the capability to carry the most battery range of just about any e-bike available. This is capped off by being totally redesigned to be very serviceable and very affordable. It’s a lot to process and there are loads of similar looking products out on the market. It will take a little bit of time before it becomes clear what we have achieved with the RCS. -Tora

  7. You said it has a 48 volt battery at 10.25 but on the side of the battery frame it says 52 volt. Which is it? Does the 52 volt give it more power? What's the advantage? Juiced needs to do something with those fenders, I could not live with all that noise.

  8. Man, this bike seems to struggle terribly in off road situations. It doesn't bode well for the cross current s either, as the cross current is speced with the exact same motor, battery and controller as the ripcurrent. Yet here we see and hear how the rip current struggles with surging, noise and low power in hi torque situations.

  9. Tora says the bike MAY not have been set up properly. What's the point of having a company rep there if he can't even be bothered to set up the bike properly prior to a review? Juiced seems like a mickey mouse operation with so many defects and problems.

  10. As critical as I've been of the bike (extremely noisy, cheap bottom end fenders, mechanical defects: surging, low power, noise), Court has to shoulder some of the blame as well.

    He chooses a super easy testing situation for the Radrover. Meaning, he rides it (135 lbs rider as he is so fond of stating), and rides it on smooth roads. That means a super quiet ride, zero problems with traction and plenty of speed on asphalt.

    Meanwhile, for the juiced, he videotapes a rider TWICE his weight (260 lb old guy), on a bumpy off road grass field (where the fenders will rattle endlessly), and in a gulch where speed will be very low and torque requirements extremely high.

    Then he praises the radrover for being fast and the juiced for being slow! Court's reviews are detailed, but not at all fair.

  11. Just a bad look for everyone involved:

    1. 260 lbs juicedbikes company rep sleepwalks through review, makes the bike look slow

    2. juicedbikes allows court to review an on road commuter off road

    3. juicedbikes fails to set up bike properly for review, then complains they failed to setup bike properly for review. Or maybe it was UPS' fault lol

    4. court bored with the bike, looks at butterflies instead

    If this is the leading edge, I don't see ebikes entering the mainstream anytime soon.

  12. As a quick summary, here are some of the notable problems with the cross and rip:

    1. broken spokes (resolved?)
    2. cracked rims
    3. chain drops
    4. power surging/controller defects
    5. improperly installed drivetrain components
    6. poor/defective cable management
    7. rattling fenders
    8. lack of chainstay guard

    What's most unsettling however, is juicedbikes' practice of ignoring customer emails.

    Not to mention the complete collapse of it's retail distribution network. I have never heard of a bicycling manufacturer either completely dropping, or being completely dropped by retailers, at least not when sales are apparently as strong as they are for juiced.

  13. Hi Court great video,I purchased this Rip Current S can't wait to receive it.
    I have a question what larger color LCD screen would work with this e bike Thanks, I'm in Brooklyn NY may be 20 minutes from Chirs shop Propel Electric Bikes, once I receive bike if your in Brooklyn visiting Chis at Propel Electric Bikes you can use my bike to do another Rip Currents S Review, let me know . OK Thanks Marc

  14. Can you somehow compare the Bafang engine to the BBSHD? In terms of power, torque and how the torque sensor feels? The RCS seemd so underpowered.

  15. The Rip looked slow in your video and you even state this as one of the cons. I suspect the 20amp controller is the main reason why along with the 70lb weight. I would have like to have seen at least a 25amp controller. This would be a big factor on whether or not I would buy the bike. Overall, it looks to be an decent offering by Juiced and you do get a lot for the money.

  16. Can you just pull a trigger to make the bike move or are all electric bikes just "assisted" pedalling bikes? New to electric bikes.

  17. I like this bike a lot Court! Thinking of getting rid of my D Series since Bionx is out 🙁 . This may be anice commuter option for me. Any thoughts on the Bionx situation ??

  18. For the price nothing you reviewed comes close it makes rad Rover look like nothing and everything under 3000 your review of this bike stinks nothing comes close

  19. More defect reports about juicedbikes: "I've had the following issues:
    1. Battery mount cracked – replaced under warranty
    2. Front shock lost travel and got stiff – waiting for warranty replacement.
    3. Motor/Controller having various issues.

    I've been having intermittent controller and or motor issues…

    I have an open support ticket with JB and we're working to find a solution, but as usual, their support people will only respond to email after about 2-3 attempts and several days. So in reality, it's like a week will go by before they advise a course of action…

  20. 4/10/2018 at 11:42PM….RCS's ARE NOW SHIPPING! I just got my UPS notification tonight. Prepare for a big-ass box to come to your home!

  21. The new telephone book is here, the new telephone book is here!

    I just received my official UPS notification tonight that my RCS has shipped! Should see it in 6 days or so as it's coming across the country to RI.

  22. Why is this bike $2,100 less than their Hype bike? besides 1,000W vs. 750W, I don't see a lot of difference in the specs? What am I missing?

  23. Cort, I think I have #5 Ripcurrent S off the assembly line- my s/n ends in 00005. I will say so far it's amazingly fast and agile for such a big bike, but I have to admit, due to lack of time and poor weather, I've only ridden it once (at night). I don't have the computer dialed in yet or anything else like the air fork or seat. There is some typical Chinese-ee stuff like one of the water bottle bosses wasn't threaded well, so I chased the threads with the appropriale tap and the rear fender needed readjustment. It's all stuff I kind of expected and am ready to do if needed. It's a cool bike that gives you a lot for the money. I thank you for reviewing it. BTW, holding the throttle down when starting off gives you over 1000w of power, so that's pretty amazing. It's called Throttle-Assist Boost (TAB). Thanks again.

  24. Juicedbikes is what it is. They pay lip service to customer service but in reality keep customers waiting for weeks on end when you have a problem, which is surprisingly often. This company is duplicitous, enticing you with low prices and then screwing you when you have a legitimate problem. I hope they change their ways but they have an established track record of dishonesty and hoping for a 180 u turn is unrealistic.

  25. Hmm, 'Kristofer Kookleberry' sure does seem awfully defensive when it comes to juicedbikes. Do you have an economic affiliation with the brand?


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