The Kalkhoff Integrale S11 is a premium speed pedelec designed for hassle free, reliable and quiet commuting with a two year warranty, available in four frame sizes for improved fit, adjustable stem. The Gates carbon belt drive is near-silent and stays centered with CDX tracking technology, an 11 speed internally geared hub requires less maintenance and is less vulnerable than a derailleur if the bike tips. You get a sleek rear rack, integrated lights and fenders, a battery that can be charged on or off the frame and one of the deepest interfaces I’ve seen with lots of adjustability. The battery rotates in vs. clicking straight down and can get a little tight at times, the display is rather large and isn’t removable, the bike costs a lot.


  1. Nice bike. Can you use the display to program the exact percentage of assist you want for each mode? (e.g. Change ECO mode from 50% to 25% assist, and so on)

    Thanks Court

  2. very clean lines on this bike, well designed…cable runs make them almost invisible to see..which is good for places where it rains alot (england) and i LOVE the much to dial, very cool.

  3. i love the bike! it does not look like an ebike. Btw how often do you have to replace the belt? i have no experience on belt drives and integrated geared hub. looks very sturdy and requires little maitenance

  4. This was the only ebike I was going to buy here in the UK however because of the legislation about speed etc it put me off…. However I'm really shocked that the main distributor of the bike in the uk doesn't mention about what you have stated in the video about the speed settings for limiting them I'm going to look into the bike again as on our public roads I can select the limit and then off road use the higher speed. Thanks court

  5. Kalkhoff belongs to the upper class. It is a Mercedes at the eBikes. The price is high and the quality is also. Typical German. Thank you Court for the awesome video.

  6. Court, looks like a nice bike for long distance commuting, so might be a good option for me! How does it compare in terms of effort and feel with a Stromer or Bosch S-pedelec for cruising 25-28 mph?

  7. Hey man, I'm really liking your reviews – they are very educational and concise ! I'm really eager to see what the future brings for this industry, because even in smaller and less economically powerfull countries like my own the culture of e-bikes has grown really fast in the last couple of years.

    One thing I dont like tho, and please dont mind me saying, it is the way you produce your videos. I wish less frames were hand held shots, maybe if you had yourself camera stand of some kind it would be much more eye pleasing to watch. I do believe so… I understand that you dont have a huge crew etc and you do this in a most efficient way on your own, these reviews. It is really appreciated.

  8. I'm giving serious consideration to one of these. However, the last few hundred metres to my place of work consist of a very steep hill. Can I assume that this bike would handle the daily climb? It's a very important factor in my decision to take the plunge (or not).

  9. Anybody know What's it like for a trailer? Like a Bob Yak? This bike is a rear hub. Others have a cassette with a pin which would be compatible with a bob yak, for example. Yes I know I should look up Bob Yak website, but does anyone know here? Have experience with them?

  10. I just bought the i8 version of this bike and it's incredible. I love the large display and the fact that it's permanently attached. No need to remove it every time you run into the store! Quality German craftsmanship. I already have over 200 miles on it. The only thing I changed was the seat. I swamped it for a Brooks real leather touring seat which added a lot for comfort.

  11. So how long do those CDX "belts" tend to last? I ride through a lot of dirt and rain = wear on traditional chains.

  12. How popular is the brand Kalkoff? i'm not sure how is going to be when this bike needs servicing. I would like all the motor choices however i really don't want to end up with a very heavy bike when the motor breaks. For instance in NL bosch is most popular but lesser brands like kalkoff is very rare.

  13. Solid Build so you get what you pay for also e Bikes are still new to the scene so MSRP is going to be really high due to demand levels being really low… Remember when the 1st computers and E Vehicles came out they where a lot of money but now you can get the new Tesla for 35k and a computer for 200-500 bucks, patience is a virtue so waiting on e bikes is ideal!!! even the DIY e bike kits are pricey so if your on a budget just wait it out!!!

  14. This review was posted about a year ago. Any word on the reliability of the motor over the past year? I've heard there have been issues with the Impulse motor in the past and some people are reporting issues with the EVO motor that comes with this bike.


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