1. kent i have a question for you. I'm looking to buy a 7 speed bicycle for about $200.00 from walmart next month . I am in my late 40's 5'8 about 253 lbs. just to ride on the street and parks here in orlando fla. I have 3. bikes i was look at and that's were i need your help. The 1. the genesis astra 2. kent del rio hybrid, and the schwinn point beach. I was looking at the schwinn hybrid 700c. thanks

  2. The Genesis and Kent are the same company. I like both of them but I always default to the Schwinn. Even though the walmart Schwinns are not what they used to be. All three will get the job done for what you want and they all just about have the same parts and are probably made by the same people overseas. Just branded differently. I would look at the look and seats to make a call. But like I said I always default to Schwinn. More established company.


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