I recently bought this bike from Walmart for $85 new. This video is my review of the bike good and bad.


  1. Thanks for the awesome video. This video is more worthwhile than all of the comments on Walmart.com. Hope you put out a part 2 as well.

  2. watched this video then i bought the bike. put it together today and the front wheel wobbles like crazy 🙁 think i should return it? ive no idea what to do now?

  3. nice video. i am looking for a nice quality cheap bike to put my bike motor on and this looks perfect. the only thing is idk if it is my computer or the video but the audio isn't the best…

  4. Received my new bike today and have one for my oldest son and wife on the way. Your video was invaluable and I took your advice and double checked the bearings. Front was way over tightened and dry. Rear wasn't too bad but was only lubed on one side. I had never taken apart a coaster hub before but decided this was a good inexpensive bike to learn on. I am glad I did, I feel much better knowing what is going on in there. Overall I am pleased with it, we have been talking about getting bikes for years and hope to get a lot of enjoyment out of these. Thanks again for the tips! 

  5. I'm a cruiser freak and a buddy wanted to ride with me and bought this bike, he bashes the hell out of it and it takes a beating. 

  6. How do you get the decals off without scratching the paint? I have a bike with decals I want to remove. I am afraid if I don't get all of it off it will look worse than if I left them alone.

  7. The stock tires weigh over 2 lbs each. Right now I have Performance Greenway tires 26 x 1.95" that weigh about a 1 lb each. I am happy with those. I had Panaracer 26 x 1.5 Tourguard tires on for a while, but they lowered the gearing too much. Good for climbing hills, not good for top speed
    Chuck S

  8. I bought this same bike last fall and got 200 miles out of it before the crank bearings wore out, took back to Walmart and got money back and bought a good used Giant bike off of Craigslist for $80 and have rode it 1,600 miles since October of 2014

  9. I just bought a huffy Crandbrook from Walmart also. It gets delivered this week. I'm tearing it down to the frame and doing the hubs and cranks over with lots of grease and putting an extra lining in the rim so it won't blow tires. I guess they are bad for that. Great bike when assembled and greased properly

  10. You can take the hubs apart to service them if you want but the bearing cups dont fit the hubs properly and will soon break up.  This is the reason proper cycle shops dont sell stuff this cheap, they dont want to refund every cheap bike they sell. On the plus side for you is you get a solid high tensile frame that you can bolt better bits to later.  You get what you pay for to some extent, but working in the cycle trade for over 20 years I do still wonder what goes through some customers heads when they buy a £5000 pushbike.

  11. i just Bought one from Costco for $200,pretty cheap and light ..tried of walking  wanna try biking around the city and trails ..find a guy next to bike boxs in costco..he assembly one for me right in the spot next to boxs he was doing one for showcase ..just bought it and roll it out the store..i dont know what is it still stickers and all things on it have to get it off ..$200 u cant beat that!..this one is AWESOME 2..is like a use bike price   

  12. I've used this bike every day for almost 3 years or so, and the crank bearings are shot. I cannot figure out how to take the crank apart to replace the bearings. Do you know if this is even possible with this bike, or no?

  13. I just ordered a firmstrong beach cruiser. I am a big boy 300lbs. Looking to get back in better shape. Hope I can do this. Thanks for vid!


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