I love the Kuat NV rack because it is spec’ed with several useful features. It comes in both 1.25″ and 2″ hitch versions (but only 2″ accommodates the extension), can handle everything from road bikes to big hitter DH bikes, and can fit up to a 3″ tire! The rack is a tad heavy at 49lbs, but that translates to an extremely sturdy setup. It is big so bikes fit on it well and are not crammed together. Bikes are secured via a ratchet arm on the front wheel and a ratcheting strap on the back wheel, which hold the bike in place nicely. The wheels sit in a tray to keep the bike’s frame free from any contact with the rack itself. It comes with a hitch locking pin, has an integrated locking system to keep your bikes safe, and even has a built-in repair stand for trail side maintenance!

I had a small issue with some of the silver corroding on the rack but Kuat’s excellent customer service sent all-new parts to fix the issue. They addressed the issue quickly and the rack is back in top-notch shape.

Check out the video above for a more detailed look at the Kuat NV rack.

MSRP: $549 for the NV 2 spot + $389 for the 2 spot extension.

Video by Colton Lock


  1. Solid review and echos my experience with the rack. Although I have the gray and orange on and have not seen any peeling. The rack looks great and works perfectly. I use foam pipe insulation on the ratchet arm hook to protect the rack from my fork hose boss chewing it up. My only real wish is to have slightly longer locking cables but I do realize length is limited by the tray length and the design being hide away for the lock.

  2. I have the same rack which I like a lot. I agree on the ratchet arm touching the fork. I've been meaning to cut up a tube and attach it to the arch to help minimize any marring on the bike.

  3. 1UPUSA probably is the best on the market but it comes with a price. aside the ingenious design, which no parts will harm your bike, the manufacturer warrants the rack will be replaced if is stolen. I think that said all about the lock system.

  4. If you put only one bike on the second bay out from the truck, would you be able to lower the tailgate without removing the bike? I have a topper and I am not liking the swing arm racks.

  5. i need 1 of these. i have the old 4 place type that just grabs the top frame bar of the bikes. but as we all know none of the newer bikes and kids bikes don't have traditional frames anymore. even my newer 29er doesn't allow for the proper mounting because of the full suspension shock location. this design allows for all bike types and sizes.


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