1. there are alot of wasted energy from ppl riding bikes, it be nice if we could have regenerative braking in all bikes around the world to capture that energy into a battery

  2. It's too heavy to peddle as a bike, too short a range on electric, and a waste of energy as a gas bike. Where is the benefit?

  3. More than likely the reason it has pedals is to exempt it from some section of the law. If they get rid of the pedals, they can't call it a bike, and it gets moved into the motorcycle category.
    I would say try pedaling it a mile and you'll see that it makes a terrible bike.
    The pedals are superfluous.

  4. The serenity, all that lovely peace and quiet on your local mtb trail.
    Well there maybe but you'll never hear it on that obnoxious pos.
    Just keep it in the city where it belongs and we're all good.

  5. so many haters….well haters gonna hate i think its dope as [email protected]#$. might not be the best for actually pedaling but i see this as a step toward multi alternative fuel zero emission vehicle.


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